10 Games That Changed the Industry Forever

"I would never presume to speak for the entire industry, but, objectively, some games have had more of an effect on our gaming experiences than others. Some games transcend their little worlds, and become something more. Some titles make themselves known through the influence they have on other games, and these 10 games epitomize that idea. I realize there is a 95% chance you’re favorite game isn’t on this list, but this is my own (very opinionated) take on the question."- Blake from

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brettski2126d ago

Fail in my opinion.. a lot of these games are new..

Goldeney or mortal kombat?

Emilio_Estevez2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

Goldeneye was a good FPS, but it was games like Halo that really ushered in a new wave of online console games. For all the good that was GE, there wasn't really anything that innovative. It's a fairly good list imo

MK did up the violence in games though.