EBGames, Gamestop to stop selling 80GB PS3s too?

When word got out that 80GB Sony PlayStation 3 units would no longer be available in retailer Best Buy, the gaming scene went ablaze. Now we've got information from a reliable source that giant retailer EBGames/Gamestop will follow Best Buy's move.

Kaizer_911, an EBGames/Gamestop manager, tipped us off that stock of 80GB PS3 units will be unavailable from their shelves in the near future. "I can't say for sure whats going on with the 80GB PS3 but I can relate to Best Buy," he comments.

Our source says that the stores in their district have not received a replenishment of 80GB PS3s since late November. However, it was revealed that 40GB PS3 supplies kept flowing in without a hitch. Kaizer_911 narrates...

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EHILL3823d ago

The 80GB system has officially been de-listed in our systems EB/STOP. This mean while stores will continue to sell 80GBS they will not be replenished once they sell out.

rofldings3823d ago

I still say they're swapping out Motorstorm for a new game like Uncharted...

And maybe DS3s

Kain813823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

there is a New SKU and i dont mean The White 40GB version.
Month ago Sony mentioned a SKU with 160GB i Think there is a Price cut too.
But this is only a Prediction nothing more.
"Search your feelings; you know it to be true."

Edit: Something is on Rise

heroman7113823d ago

probably. it always seemslike sony has gone mad but they always kno what they are doing. like blu ray, evry1 tot ps3 wud fail cuz of it and sony knew it wasnt good 4 the ps3 but they knew what they were doing so t hey just hung in there cuz they knew in the end it wud pay off and it has

whoelse3823d ago

They didn't mention about the 160GB. Some random unknown forum poster said that a 160GB was coming to Japan at the beginning of the year.

Kain813823d ago

and it was 3 month ago.
It was a Document like FCC, there was a Scan or somting like that i believe

Dark_Overlord3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

nah it wasn't for a 160gb it was for a 120gb, i'll try and find that document if I can

edit: not much, but found this from a while ago http://www.computerandvideo...
and why is the fcc database so god damn hard to search :-(

edit: nope, no FCC filing for it just what David Reeves said about it last year, could have sworn there was something about it though, ah I must be wrong

Kain813823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

and it was a 160Gb hdd i search myself for it to prove me self lol
But thanks

Edit: I find something

Edit: The new SKU is probably Confirmed for Japan go to the link, but it has no release date

Dark_Overlord3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

the reason being they were the original specs the PS3 was meant to have (not including HD), they took most of that stuff out for various reasons, most likely wasn't needed. Check back to when the PS3 was 1st shown and you'll see what I mean. Another thing that is suspicious on it is the 8 SPU's the PS3 only uses 7 due to improving manufacturing yields.

Would be great if it was true but I doubt it, would p*ss a lot of people off including myself, just for the 2 x HDMI ports. So like I said I think its BS

edit: There probably will be a 120/160gb+, I'm not doubting that, but a whole new completly different SKU I doubt that very much

edit: yeah I agree with you about a new PS3 variation, just not that model you linked to. And who knows Sony may even outdo MS and offer an even bigger HD than 160gb, especially now that they've majorly cut the manufacturing costs. Might even see a 200gb model soon (very doubtful but you can only hope)

Kain813823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

i have already a PS3 so i have no probs with that.
Later i will buy another one (new SKU with 45nm)

Edit: But it is suspicious that the 20Gb and 60 Gb versions of Ps3 all gone in Japan. and sony told that this Units will no longer availible in Japan. 2 weeks later the 80GB version in US will discontinued too.
I think there is 100% a new SKU maybe not the one who mentioned in the Link, but there is new one

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pwnmaster30003823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

well dat sucks my cousin was going to sell his 60gb ps3 for dis

did i say 60gb i mean 20 gig my bad for confusion

ravinash3823d ago

...Sorry? Do you mean sell his 60G PS3 so he could get a 80G one???
You could just up grade the drive, it would be a lot easier and bet a bigger drive.

TruthBTold3823d ago

The 60 GB is the most complete sku. The only advantage the 80 gb has is the 20 extra gb but apart from that the best sku PS3 ever had is the 60gb. He should keep it and just buy a bigger HDD is he wants more space.

INehalemEXI3823d ago

Yah , get one of those 2.5" SATA HDD's They got some that are like 320GB , something around 160gb probably cheaper and big enough though.

Be interesting to see what sony has to say at GDC.

RecSpec3823d ago

It's funny how the PS3 seems to be devolving over time. All to lower the price I guess, but I don't know. Keep it steady across the board with the 40gb. If you need more space, add it yourself.

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