New ATI Chips Ensure Effortless 1080P writes:

"ATI has unveiled new entry-level and midrange 3D chips with full 1080p hardware HD video decoder support for all major video codecs. The new GPUs are also compliant with the latest DirectX 10.1 multimedia platform."

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gta_cb3709d ago

i wonder how much these will cost, anyone know?

Blood_Spiller3709d ago

It's entry level so < $150.

gta_cb3709d ago

thanks :) i might get this then, i was thinking of getting the 8800 GTS (i think) at about £179.99

Antan3709d ago

Stick with the GTS gta. is your best bet for a good price. I would recommend a BFG model with their lifetime warranty.

gta_cb3709d ago

cheers for the info mate :) will check it out now

Gina-get-u3709d ago

Actually, the more "expensive" of the two has an MSRP of less than $100, while the cheaper one comes in less than $60. If somebody comes out with passively cooled versions, these two cards would be great for HTPCs.

The 8800 GT is a great gaming card, but it's meant for a different market.

gta_cb3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

well at the moment i am running:

Intel Core 2 Duo E4400
1GB 6400 DDR2 RAM (soon to be 3GB)
500GB main and 250GB external HDD
ATI X800 GTO PowerColour
19" TFT Monitor

as you can see i REALLY need to upgrade my graphics card lol, i do quite a lot of video encoding and do play games although prob wont bother with Crysis for a while lol, so what do you think i should get?

my 19" monitor's MAX resolution is 1280x1024 (always use at this resolution) so it isnt HD just thought this would be good info lol

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