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Submitted by Pozzle 1291d ago | opinion piece

The 10 Greatest Characters In Grand Theft Auto History

The internet melted when news of GTA V was released and with good reason. But we shouldn't forget the previous outings and the cast of lunatics and thugs who made them great. (Grand Theft Auto, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

310dodo  +   1291d ago
Niko Bellic - King of New York

for GTA 5

make him the King of LA
onyoursistersback  +   1291d ago
get the 4uck out with that idea!!! "someone from NY to run LA?!" lol...

(Eazy-E) "a car pulls up, who can it be
a fresh El Camino rollin kilo G
he rolled down his window and he started to say
its all about makin that G.T.A."

its in the jam... GTA is refured to Grand Theft Auto :)
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310dodo  +   1291d ago
I live in LA
so now what?
we loved Niko out here too

alot of racism against Niko
what gives
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HebrewHammer  +   1291d ago
Niko blew...
Imikida  +   1291d ago
CJ is the king of la
mafiahajeri  +   1291d ago
No Victor Vance? Lance vance dances(love the name) brother!? That guy was great in Liberty City stories he was cool and funny better than half of those guys on that list...
HebrewHammer  +   1291d ago
I would also include Donald Love. Something about his mysterious disappearance in GTAIII still makes me think of him - even today.

Oh, and no Salvatore Leone? Really?

Come to think of it, this is a pretty underwhelming list. What about 8-Ball (owner of the car bomb store), Ray Machowski (the bent cop in the underground bathrooms), Marty Chonks (from the Bitch'n Dog Food factory), Ricardo Diaz (Vice City mobster) or Auntie Poulet (Haitian leader)?

Wow, and NO mention of Phil Cassidy? His ties between Vice City and III were really cool.

This list doesn't even have the Samuel L. Jackson voiced character from San Andreas, Frank Tenpenny!

Oh, not to mention omitting others like OG Loc (the rapper), The Truth (who leads you to the jetpack in SA), or Patrick McReary (the Irish in IV).

Sheesh, I'm done. I haven't even mentioned prominent characters in LCS, VCS and Chinatown Wars. Or GTAI, II and London for that matter.
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Shawtymann  +   1291d ago
if this list was the best 25 characters he could've used those guys
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HebrewHammer  +   1291d ago
Or replaced 4 of his lame picks with some of the aforementioned...
Them_Bones  +   1291d ago
When I first met Cesar during that bouncy car mission in san andreas I just though he was some trailer trash in a wife beater that wanted to bang your sister, I couldn't have been more wrong lol.
Coolmanrico  +   1291d ago
Lol, how is Catalina not on this list. She was the definition of crazy. CJ really dodged a bullet.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1291d ago
tommy vercetti was the best.
griffinirish  +   1291d ago
No officer tenpenny or big smoke? what about wu zi mu, he was hilarious.
TheColbertinator  +   1291d ago
The Truth O_O
_Aarix_  +   1291d ago
"Im a hippie man, the only thing i shot is acid"

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