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Screw Franchises: Indie Video Games Are Where It’s At

The current state of video games has declined, and many experienced fans are feeling alienated from the modern gaming culture due to endless sequels. Sick of it? Then check out titles like Fez, Bastion and Braid. (Bastion, Braid, Fez, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

TOO PAWNED  +   1098d ago
lol no name site aka give me hits please hahaha
3GenGames  +   1098d ago
For a valid topic? Right.

Homebrew (or indie gaming, for newer systems the independent people wiggle their way on to) is really where it's at for good games. If NES homebrew is anything to go by, most of it is far better quality than games even made during the systems lifetime. That says something.
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deletingthis34675334  +   1098d ago
Franchises are getting milked for all they're worth it's killing the meaning of the games. So sick of every IP needing 10 sequels, 19 prequels, and 3 crappy handheld spinoffs.
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Death_Grin48  +   1098d ago
Yeah, because every IP always bring original content. It has NO functions that are exactly or similar to other games... >_>
coolasj  +   1098d ago
Indie games are great but, a lot of them fail on one basic factor.
Production Values.
Just because you have a great idea, doesn't mean you don't need to also make a great game around it.
Death_Grin48  +   1098d ago
Indie games are nice and all, but indie devs and most people that play their games are just hipsters hating the big boys of the gaming industry.

In the end, the indie game industry doesn't even matter. When all those devs no longer have any ideas, money, or "Innovation", they will go to work in one of the big video game corporations they hate so much, and make a real living from there. Who knows? They can become bosses one day and make games with an actual budget and equipment. They'll be living their dream for once...

Indie games are a nice thing to have in this industry, but they're just a fad.
irishyort  +   1097d ago
I think the hit ratio (i guess 1 in every 8 games released is quite good) is about the same as big name releases, so its hard to say one is better than the other.

Someone above mentioned production value, which is probably the best thing about the bigger guns, not many games are broken, but they can also "generally" afford to fix them if they are too. Just look at FEZ. No $ so cant afford to update :(

But I like the indie games, you probably wouldnt see most of them if they could only be released through a big developer. Imagine trying to convince a publisher that a piece of meat.... that is a boy..... is trying to get his bandages girlfriend back from an evil ... thing... hahaha.
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KentBlake  +   1097d ago
I don't get why it must always be this OR that. Why can't we have both? The greatest thing about this generation is to be able to play almost everything that ever existed in video game form on current machines:

- 8-16 bit games on Virtual Console
- Old SEGA games on PS3 and 360
- Big AAA games on a big screen or on the PC
- HD Remakes
- Indie games
- Small downloadable games
- Everything else...There's almost no limit!

Viva la Variety!

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