Minecraft Extreme Graphics Achieved With Sonic Ether's Unbelivable Shaders

DSOGaming writes: "Neogaf user ‘Nibel’ spotted an amazing mod for Minecraft that updates the game’s graphics. This mod adds shaders to Minecraft in a post-process manner that simulate different effects that occur in the real-world in how light reacts with objects and with the human eye."

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OneAboveAll1854d ago

Very cool. However this would slow my PC to a crawl. Not sure what his setup is but even default minecraft can be taxing on a good system.

john21854d ago

It does look pretty though :D

MySwordIsHeavenly1853d ago

I'm not sure why Minecraft runs so well on my PC. My PC can barely run Skyrim on the lowest settings in 800x600 res.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1853d ago

Minecraft is not a very demanding game :P.

Ok on topic this mod looks awesome... Download time :)

Swiftcricket1853d ago

Minecraft can either be fairly easy for a PC to handle or really difficult depending on what texture packs and mods you use. I can run BF3 on Ultra and still make my computer crash if I use a 512x texture pack and too high of other settings on Minecraft with no other mods involved.

MySwordIsHeavenly1853d ago

Well, if you increase the draw-distance to "Quake", it can take a toll on many machines. That's like loading half of Panau on Just Cause 2.

PiccoloGR1854d ago

Now that's how Minecraft should look like in the first place. Amazing work

vortis1853d ago

Oh, some newbs disagreed with you. They like their blocks with some extra jaggies on the edge.

It's all right, we all have our preferences.

Kran1853d ago

How the heck did this guy have such an amazing texture pack and be able to record it at the same time?

His PC must have been crunching itself :P

(We all know how demanding Minecraft is)

PersonMan1853d ago

This looks better than GTA IV with Icenhancer! So photo-realistic!

mcgrottys1853d ago

the mod is amazing, it runs quite well on my PC and really shines during sunrise and sunset.

now we just need someone to port this over to C++ or similar so it runs half decent. Of course that may cause issues with mods and I doubt mojang would do that due to issues with linux and mac osx. But it would be nice to see a hobbiest do something of the sort.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

yeah Java is not the best for games that need to use hardware at a low level..

If 720 was out M$ would charge $20 for this upgrade.

pc <3