Stylish Devil May Cry 4 Combat Videos: Learn How to Taunt


"Thought the Devil May Cry 4 demo was good? Want to show off to your friends? If you can get Nero's moves right you'll be able to taunt your enemies with excessive style. Watch and learn in these videos."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3828d ago

what some baboons never played DMC? i been doing this for years, though Dante's taunts are miles better then Nero's

Mr_Kuwabara3828d ago

I passed the Time Trail killing Berial and all but hot damn this dude does it with better style.

But everytime I do Nero's special attack against Berial (the one were you lift him up with his arm and slam him through the ground) I follow it up with the other special attack (the one were you punch Berial and send him flying like 30 feet) then I start walking towards him all kocky. Lol you guys should try it, it sounds stupid by just seeing my comment but try it lol, you'll feel pretty [email protected]$$.

DemiseofPandas3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

This guy (at least in the 1st video) has gotten the Instant reving technique down, for those that don't know and haven't noticed he is able to have is sword charged for just about every attack. Basically you want to hit the rev button at the appropriate frames that Nero can instantly charge up the sword, its pretty tricky but sweet to master.

INehalemEXI3828d ago

Thats good to know , I gota figure that one out. Was taking me forever to rev and I would just do it once at the begining before the berial fight since it was taking so long to rev. Bubble @ yah.

DemiseofPandas3828d ago

Yeah for anyone interested this guy posted a pretty good tutorial on mastering it.

Skerj3828d ago

Yeah IRing is the ish, I started doing it Friday from Ninja99's tut and I've become so much more proficient with Nero. It's funny, I hear people slag the game for being repetitive and dull, yet I doubt any of them know the advanced combat techniques. My next goal is to master snatch JCing and work in Blue Rose charge shot buffering into my combos. Nero is a beast in the demo, I can't wait to see what upgrades are in store and more importantly, DANTE!! Style switching + weapon switching? Oh my god the True Style Tournament is going to look so freaking awesome.

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meepmoopmeep3828d ago

trying to figure out combos with the demo... those videos put me to shame though.. lol