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Zynga posts $22 million loss for Q2, 'reduces expectations' for Draw Something

Social games firm hit by Facebook competition and Draw Something decline. (Android, Casual games, Draw Something, Draw Something By OMGPOP, Industry, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, PC, Zynga)

g-nome  +   1006d ago
Back to work people , no time for social games.
simonrope  +   1005d ago
Draw Something was just... well something that came and went and we all knew it would be over in a few months.

Same with this 'Song Pop' that will meet the same fate.
spunnups  +   1005d ago
ppl ruined Draw Something by cheating and spelling out the hard words instead of actually drawing something and letting me try to figure it out, wheres the fun in that?
archemides518  +   1005d ago
that's because the game is no fun, like most fads.

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