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Submitted by ipconflict 1293d ago | news

Xbox 360 as reliable as PS3 says 500,000 people

The No Fuss Reviews console failure rate for 2012 is in, and the results are shocking - the Xbox 360 isn't still blowing up! (Industry, PS3, Tag Invalid, Wii, Xbox 360)

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stonecold3  +   1293d ago
i doubt it
NastyLeftHook0  +   1293d ago
I bought a used xbox 360 in 2006 and when i took it to my home to play it, it was already broken. It had the red ring of death.

So i returned the used xbox 360 and traded a ton of ps2 games and my ps2 and bought a brand new 360, It worked for 1 week and then it red ringed.

So i returned the 360 and got another one, this time the disk started scratching and my 360 made wierd noises, and oblivion ran so slow on it, so i traded it in with all of my games...

I finally bought a ps3, a 40 gb model. I have left it on for hours at a time for years and it has never once broke on me. Ive had it now for 5 years and it workd the same the day i bought it.
decrypt  +   1293d ago
Lol after 6 years of being on the market if there are still debates on reliability, then these console makers really need to up their game.
DiRtY  +   1293d ago | Well said
cool story bro.

Somehow a guy with a Playsation logo as a pofile picture does not seem trustworthy to me.

I bought my Xbox 360 the first day available on the market. I had RRoD in 2007, sent it in, got it back after 1 week with 3 months of XBL Gold for free and never had an issue again.

Bought MW2 limited edition later as my main console in the living room and neve had an issue.

The RRoD is dead for years now, but people still bring it up. Just like PSN outage, YLOD or something like that.
chela   1293d ago | Trolling | show
blue7_7  +   1293d ago
It's pretty obvious they are not talking about the old Xbox 360 and are talking about the new Slim ones. Which seems to be the case.
mcstorm  +   1293d ago
@DiRtY I agree. I had a original 360 from launch and got the RROD in 2007 also and sent it off to MS I also got the my 360 back within a week and its still up and running to day in my bedroom. I also have a 360s in my front room that has not had any issues.

I got a PS3 on launch day and in 2008 I got the YOLD and had to go out and buy a new one as sony would not replace it. I now have my 2nd PS3 in the back room (fat)and I also have a PS3 (slim) in my front room and not had any issues with them.

That Said I still have SNES, N64, Amiga 32, Dreamcast and Gamecube that I got on the days they came out and still have fully working today, Yet both Sony and MS had issues with there 1st batch of consoles they brought out but seemed to of fixed them with the next revisions and people now need to stop brining up this story.
Irishguy95  +   1293d ago
The Slim model is veery reliable and quiet etc

I've had 3 separate 360's/ this one has been fixed twice. This one also sounds like i'm sitting beside a runway
ChrisW  +   1293d ago
WEIRD! I thought PS3 failures were a myth!!!
CYBERHATER   1293d ago | Trolling | show
mewhy32  +   1293d ago | Interesting
There's little question that the slim models of both the ps3 and 360 have greatly contributed to their reliability. I have 2 Xbox 360 slims, one ps3 slim, a wii, and recently, a gaming pc. Not to mention various andriod devices, and 2 nintendo ds's . ROFL . Wow when I list it like that I think I'm gaming a little too much.
HammadTheBeast   1292d ago | Off topic | show
Sony360  +   1292d ago
So 5-7 years ago 360's were unreliable.

Thanks for confirming it before anyone tried to use the dated argument today.
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Anon1974  +   1292d ago
Sony360 said "So 5-7 years ago 360's were unreliable. Thanks for confirming it before anyone tried to use the dated argument today."

You mean, Microsoft broke into my house and replaced my old 360 with a more reliable unit and it's no longer and issue? Fantastic! Why aren't they making an announcement or something? Those 50 million consoles they sold during that period are now just fine? That's fantastic news!

And here I'm on my 4th 360, reluctant to play that thing for more than an hour at a time because I have no plans on replacing this one when it eventually dies. I had no idea it was all ok now...
gaffyh  +   1292d ago
The truth is, the old Xbox 360's are very unreliable and it's not a case of "if" your 360 will RROD, it's more a case of "when" will your 360 RROD. The new slims are of course much more reliable, but it took 5 years for MS to get to a point where they could offer a reliable piece of hardware, which is ridiculous.
andrewsqual  +   1292d ago
@Dirty, yeah tentonsoftube is clearly lying. In fact there is nobody out there on there 8th 360 and certainly not 5 million people either. tentonsoftube you scumbag it was you spreading all these rumours for years. You even fabricated the towel trick too that these same 5 million people adore but it was you, I know it. I most certainly didn't have a 60gb launch machine before I burnt it out because it was on 24/7, 4.5 years straight. We all knew that because of that kiosk PS3, that shut off in a store in Oct 2006 before release, that all PS3s were burning up on people and breaking.

Enough of this shit DiRty. Even I will admit that the new slim model 360 has had next to NO problems. Clearly this is what this article is talking about but dumbasses here are going to be all talking about the piece of shit early model sold for 4.5 years before finally replacing it. It is not referring to this model.
You know from working in a store after selling them for a 2 years that the slim is a reliable machine, when 1 person comes back with one in that timeframe. But lets not fucking kid ourselves that the old model, ANY VERSION OF IT don't give me none of that Jasper bullshit, was a fucking piece of shit and if you worked in a store it was the bane of your fucking life every day when idiots come back in with it complaining and then just taking home another Breakbox Plsfixme.
insomnium2  +   1292d ago
The new models are reliable for sure. I Think MS learned their lesson with the first model.
brish  +   1292d ago
"Xbox 360 as reliable as PS3 says 500,000 people"

That's not what the statistics say.

- 57% of xboxes failed (all models).
- 2.1% of ps3's failed (all models).

- 6.1% of xboxes failed (all models).
- 5.6% of ps3's failed (all models).

The important thing about the above numbers is most of the ps3s that failed in 2012 are old models. The huge failure rate of xboxes in the past means most of the failures of xboxes in 2012 are newer than the ps3s that failed.

Look under the model comparisons and you can see that the ancient ps3s are starting to fail. The recent xbox models (excluding slims) are failing at a much higher rate than the old ps3s.

The stats also show that the newest slim versions of both consoles have low failure rates.
HappyGaming  +   1292d ago
brish hit the spot...

They are comparing the reliability of the new 360 models (because the old ones are already dead) with 5-6 year old 40GB models which managed to survive until 5% of them died in 2012
guitarded77  +   1292d ago
Before the Jasper chipset, the XBOX 360 was notorious for breaking. Everyone I know with an XBOX from that era had it break at least once, and some even 3 times.

I got both of my XBOX's after the redesign and have not had any issues. I have 3 PS3's as well, 2 slims and one original FAT. The FAT failed after thousands of hours of use.

Now days, both systems are par with each other, but in the beginning, MS had a major design flaw which caused them to fail. But I think they are both equally reliable with the modern designs of each.
SilentNegotiator  +   1292d ago
You can't ignore dozens of millions of the initial model and the like that sold, that were ticking time bombs.

The $400 Xbox360 I purchased hasn't, and never will, be replaced with anything but the same faulty model (IF it is in warranty). Dozens of millions of systems don't just disappear.
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NewZealander  +   1292d ago
its sad that so many people had problems with the original 360, my launch console is still going strong, and the second console i bought about three years ago is also still working, so i guess for all the bad stories there are still people with enough luck to get bye without any problems.

im also glad MS has had great success with the 360-S, obviously the new model has really corrected the issues of the original 360, its just a shame so many people were burnt (maybe even literally) by the original 360, i fully understand why some people would be put off ever buying another.

for me 360 will be remembered alongside the dreamcast as one of the best consoles ever.
Sono421  +   1292d ago
Okay I'm not going to hate on the 360s launch failure rate mainly because that's just too easy anyways. But I will say that ever since I got my PS3 slim in 2009 I hardly ever turned it off. Literally it would only get turned off if I moved my PS3 to another room, took it to a friends house, or someone turned it off. It was fine for pretty much 3 years of barely being turned off, then it recently died on me like a week ago, (Kind of) it wouldn't boot up and just kept trying to restore itself but all I had to do was go in safe mode and do a system restore and now its fine again, so I hardly even consider that a problem in the first place. Anyways my point is the PS3 is extremely reliable so I could careless which is more reliable.
k-dillinger  +   1292d ago
you wanna know how sad this is i believe everything you just said bubbles.
ShinMaster  +   1292d ago
500,000 people?
Is that how few people didn't get RROD?
zeal0us  +   1293d ago
I just hope MS learn from their mistakes. No more x-clamp and placing parts/pieces on the motherboard in the dumbest of spots.

My 2006 360 finally kick the bucket. I got it to work after all the e74 errors and rrods. I just keep pressing the power button until it work again.

Not sure if I will buy another anytime soon.
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Muerte2494  +   1293d ago
I'm not sure....
why you have disagrees. How can your own personal experience be incorrect? Well, it's well known that I'm on my third xbox360 but my original ps3(2006). Also this was an internet conducted survey which is not as reliable a face to face survey. Any one can have a dynamic ip address, multiple browsers, and multiple emails.
chukamachine  +   1293d ago
It wasn't just the placing, or the x-clamp. Poor cheap solder was to blame.

That's why when you heat it back up. it works.

For all that still have problem with rrod.

Put on the stove and heat it up, fixed.
ALLWRONG  +   1292d ago
You doubt 500,000 people? I think you been outvoted.
fr0sty  +   1292d ago
I just got back from vacation, and had to laugh after reading this article. While I was down there my cousin's 360 RROD'd on him.
stuna1  +   1292d ago
And if true, it only took them 3 iterations to get them there.
Godmars290  +   1293d ago
So someone whats to crow that its taken MS nearly the entirety of this console generation to fix RROD?

Nevermind that if something like that happens for anybody next gen, they'll likely never recover from the PR damage.
Dante112  +   1293d ago
Word. My cousin is literally on his 4th Xbox360. Everyone I know had RROD happened to them atleast twice this gen, I had it happen to me twice as well (Thank god the second one went out while the 3 year warranty deal was out).
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unchartedxplorer  +   1293d ago
My playstation is 10 hours per day 24/7 (my brother and my sisters and I take turns on it)It sometimes gets used for 10 hours straight. I have an xbox and it's collecting dust half the time.
The 360 has a better controller though
xursz  +   1293d ago
My brother is on his third 360. First one he bought in 2006 at retail, second 360 he bought about a year later used, and this last one he bought it new at GameStop. Thankfully this latest one has been holding strong for 2 years and counting.
Shepherd 214  +   1292d ago
The first 2 or 3 years the 360 was out were hell, but Microsoft ended the problem for the most part 2 to 3 years ago after they stared coming out with the Elite models, thats not an entire generation. Plus any console that bricked had a 3 year warranty with it that set MS back about a billion dollars. It sucked but some of these people who say they "bought" 3 consoles or more are either lying, didn't know about the warranty, or bought that many in the short time before the warranty was announced.
greenpowerz  +   1293d ago
People still purchased PS3 after the ps1 and ps2 problems.


Disagree? People dont buy PS3 after ps1&2 problems?The class action lawsuit from last generation when Sony refused to pay for broken ps2's and made gamers pay for repairs on their own was imaginary?
#2.2 (Edited 1293d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(28) | Report | Reply
Rainstorm81  +   1293d ago
The ps1 and ps2 hardware issues weren't as wide spread as the 360s. Nearly 50%+ of launch model 360s had rrod or other hardware failures. I experienced first hand ps2 problems as my launch ps2 stopped reading discs but ive had just as many 360 and know people that has had more than me.

Nonetheless this article is pointless. We are 7 years into this gen there has been several hardware revisions by Sony and MS, if the hardware problems weren't fixed by now then someone needs to bow out of the console industry. This gen has had the worst hardware ever.
dubt72  +   1293d ago
Ummm, the fat ps2's were designed to fail. They probably had the same failure rate as the first 360's, but the slim ps2 came out and everyone forgot the problems withe fat. And before you say, show me a link, I worked in a Game Crazy and Game Stop for many years, and I know that they were about even from the returns I got.
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chrisarsenalsavart  +   1293d ago
i don,t know about the US but here in uk, Gamestop an Games shops refuse to trade in fat xbox360 but they still trade ps2 consoles. what,s that tell you?
greenpowerz  +   1293d ago
ps2 in UK
PS2 has been out for many years and a lot of time has passed.
PS2 in the UK doesn't tell me anything other than the console is too successful to ignore from a business stance and despite the hardware issues Europe trusts Japanese products more. Kind of like when a white and black man in the US commit the same crime but are not treated the same.

LoL at the 50% failure comment above. Ridiculous!!! Also the RROD, people buy more than one console and that factors in total sold, lunacy remarks. Why would people spend $300 on a new console after the first broke when MSFT replaces them for free?
#2.2.4 (Edited 1293d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(11) | Report
nukeitall  +   1293d ago
The DRE problem on the PS2 was pretty nasty and Sony refused to fix it. Owners had to fix it on their own dime, and to add insult to injury years later Sony settled the lawsuit giving you max $25 *if* I still had the receipt. Who has the receipt years later?

Sony even had the audacity to NOT refund you the repair cost that Sony themselves took!

Shit happens, but when it does I want to know how the company at fault is taking care of me.

With Xbox 360, I got 3-warranty, refunded any repair cost and speedient handling despite the major cost to the company.

With PS2, Sony denied the existence of the problem and never acknowledged it. Instead, Sony settled the lawsuit, netting me $25 or a game or a free fix or a replacement. The kicker, Sony didn't refund repair cost already paid to those affected, you *had* to still have the receipt *AND* the settlement offer came 4-5 years later after the console cycle essentially ended!

You know what that means? Nobody will take advantage of it, and Sony wins!

You as a consumer unless paid out of your own pocket to fix, had a PS2 brick for all those years! You consumer lost and Sony got away with it!!!
#2.2.5 (Edited 1293d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(10) | Report
Rainstorm81  +   1293d ago
oops 54.2%....I was wrong

Although none of this matter today because after they released the Jasper chipset the 360 has been much more reliable. But it was bad early on, it prompted MS to extend the warranty it got so bad.
ChrisW  +   1292d ago
DRE was definitely a problem.
#2.2.7 (Edited 1292d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1292d ago
Are people still using a random poll made on a gaming site that was open to everyone as proof of the 360's failure rate?

LMFAO. Talk about sheep.

Anyone and Everyone could have voted and there is ZERO proof that each and every voter was a 360 owner.

Heck fanboys from the competing consoles could vote.

The sample taken in the poll was extremely low and doesn't justify an entire user base.

The PS1 and PS2 were extremely high when it came to failure rates, but I expect most people on this site are not experienced in gaming during those era's or else there wouldn't be so many disagree's to gamers who are stating the issues of the PS1 and PS2.
MysticStrummer  +   1292d ago
@dubt72 -
" They probably had the same failure rate as the first 360's, but the slim ps2 came out and everyone forgot the problems withe fat."

lol No. The 360 failure rate was much higher.
Christopher  +   1292d ago
I am still surprised at how well Microsoft has done this generation considering how huge of an issue it was. Proved to me that people will continue to buy shoddy hardware as long as they can play Halo and CoD online with others on XBL.

Obviously, services > hardware this generation.
ALLWRONG  +   1292d ago
That didn't stop the 360 from taking 2nd and beating last gens winner.
DigitalAnalog  +   1293d ago
This is the newer model, right?
If so, it would be pretty incompetent of MS not to resolve their hardware issues.
#3 (Edited 1293d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
INehalemEXI  +   1293d ago
They got better , overall I still think the designs flawed, compared to ps3.
greenpowerz  +   1293d ago
Based on your opinion over the study done in this article? LoL

Love PS3 fans.
unkn0wn  +   1293d ago
Congratulations on feeding the troll. Continue to position your posterior on the mouth of aforementioned creature of fantasy until utterly delighted with your most apparent and stupid observation.
#4.1.1 (Edited 1293d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
Apolloeye  +   1293d ago
Its looks like the core xbox model is the worst offender with 2.9% according to the chart.
Bathyj  +   1293d ago

Thanks. Haven't laughed like that in a while.
modesign  +   1293d ago
if you get a 360 TODAY you might not have a problem,
MasterCornholio  +   1293d ago
From what I read the Slims are pretty reliable but the fats are the complete opposite. Mind you I had 2 fat 360s and I didn't have a problem with either of them but they were noisy as hell.

Christopher  +   1292d ago
Yeah, the noise is one of the main reasons I chose the PS3 as my primary console for multiplats. That and I don't play online, so don't want to buy an extra $50/year to have online access. I could buy one of the new ones, but don't see why since I haven't missed anything with what I have. Still have a 360 from the first year of production, though.
Chrono  +   1293d ago
PS3 is more reliable than Xbox 360 says 50,000,000 people
SlapHappyJesus  +   1293d ago
The issue with earlier models is that they rushed out the systems to be out on the market first. Everyone knows this.

Now that the slim is a thing and they went through a redesign, the failure rate of the system was dramatically lowered. Everyone should know this.
Rainstorm81  +   1293d ago
Exactly.... this artcle is flamebait at best, just to get the fanboys riled up and from looking at the comments... its working
StreetsofRage  +   1293d ago
How many lemons I had since ps1...

PS1: Around 5
PS2: 3
Xbox: 0
Ps3: 1
Xbox 360: 1

Microsoft is waaaaaay better than Sony in my eyes.
Batmau5  +   1293d ago
Mine is;

PS1: 1 broken
PS2: 2 Broken (one due to me thinking I was a technical expert, opening it up...)
PS3: 0, still have my original going hard
Xbox 360: 3 broken, haven't sent in the latest one, don't care at this point.
Xbox 1: 0, pretty reliable little box.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1292d ago
For me;

PS1: Never had a problem. Sold it years later.
PS2: I never owned one but I heard about the issues.
PS3: 1 failure. My original 60gig Fat died and I had to pay Sony $156 back in 2009 to fix it. No problems since then. My PS3 Slim is running great.
Xbox 360: No issues at all with either of my 2 Elites.
Xbox 1: Never had a problem with mine. Hardly played it after getting 360 and PS3. Sold it about a year ago.
SlapHappyJesus  +   1293d ago
While I can't speak for the ps1 (N64 kid), I have had issue after issue with ps2. I bought a ps2 about three years after it came out, and about six months in it decided it didn't like playstation games, blue discs, or most DVDs.

Got a slim a little while down the road, and eventually the same thing happened. It also doesn't like to play Rogue Galaxy, which saddens me.

I am currently on my second 360 though. Got mine at launch, and it didn't end up breaking until the slims were a thing. I know the 360 had some real issues, but I never really experienced them, personally. Not to the degree some say they have, anyway.
SlapHappyJesus  +   1293d ago

Apparently this didn't happen to me at all. I guess I just imagined all that.

In all seriousness, you biased playstion fanboys - fanboys in general - need to grow up. Someone can't even make a statement, based on their own experience, without you down voting them because you are too much of a child to even accept that someone has anything bad to say about your beloved product and company.

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Wizziokid  +   1293d ago
Hey the RROD was good play on MS part, it broke peoples 360's so they would go buy another which would then, add to sales. When you look at total number of 360 sales I wonder how many are replaces 360s.

Not trolling here but it's true, the failure rate was ridiculous, everyone I knew with a 360 had an issues, I haven't had one yet though (touch wood). But this doesn't go to say Sony hasn't had it's problems because they have also, my friend has been through 3 PS3's because of the YLOD issue. but the failure rate wasn't as high.

Both MS and Sony need to up there game next gen and sort these failing systems out, you buy a console for it to work, it shouldn't have these issues.
iamnsuperman  +   1293d ago
"Hey the RROD was good play on MS part, it broke peoples 360's so they would go buy another which would then, add to sales. When you look at total number of 360 sales I wonder how many are replaces 360s."

I think it actually cost them a lot of money in the earl days. However, like you said, it would be interesting to see the numbers for second/ third consoles. They have spun the situation into good PR

"Both MS and Sony need to up there game next gen and sort these failing systems out, you buy a console for it to work, it shouldn't have these issues."

That is true however as machines get more complex there is a higher chance of something failing. I have had one PS3 fail on me (YLOD) after around 4 and a half years. It was annoying but four and a half years isn't bad going for a complex machine
iamnsuperman  +   1293d ago
So it has finally got to acceptable levels after about 6 years. Lets hope Microsoft learn from this. Rushed hardware is always a bad idea.
Christopher  +   1292d ago
I dunno, they seem to be doing fine regardless of the rushed hardware. I'm sure the next system will be better, but I don't think they really learned anything here other than if there is a problem they can work through it without much issue.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   1293d ago
Like someone above already noted,the fact we are even having a discussion about reliability at this point is laughable if not a bit concerning
These companies need to step it up.In my experience they both have reliability issues.
madjedi  +   1293d ago
As long as both companies are within the industry standards for failure rates, that is as good as it will realistically get. Electronic's breakdown, it's a given for a variety of reasons.

We should judge them by the newer/newest models not the 6-7 yr old launch models, which are usually known to have the most problems.

We have 3 common points of failure in both consoles to me, cooling, disc drives, and more rare hdd failures/graphic cards.

Disc drives will like eliminated for games(flash mem cartridge), by the ps5's era, ssd aren't great for reliability so that is iffy. Probably cooling will be less of a issue, with the newer chips or electronics getting more efficient.
Adolph Fitler  +   1293d ago
If you have a fat model 360, it will fail sooner rather than later. The models up until the slim have a 100% failure rate.....there is no denying that unless your a xbox fanboy.

The slim models maybe more reliable, I hope so, but I've only had mine for a month or so, due yo my fat model with Falcon chip & all, getting the 3RROD epidemic.
Hopefully now after 5 years(6 up to now, but slim released about a year or so ago) they have the fault rate down to 3-5% as that is the unspoken industry standard.
00000000000000000001  +   1293d ago
100% failure rate is bull Shi$, my Elite is still working perfect and I have own it for over 5 years.
My First Fat 20GB PS3 bit the dust at a little over 2 years old.
Square Trade stated years ogo that the Falcon xbox 360 gave less trouble then the PS3, they should know as they sell extended warranties for a lot of consoles.
TheRealHeisenberg   1292d ago | Trolling | show
seanpitt23   1293d ago | Trolling | show
Adolph Fitler  +   1293d ago
Oh, & my launch PS3 went back to sony for repairs, as I got the YLOD about 2.5yrs after launch & after MASSIVE ammounts of use, including numerous times I left it on all day to play, then all night often to download demos, games & such.
I sent it back for repairs & have used it hardcore again for the past 2.5-3yrs & it hasn't missed a beat. Whereas 90% of 360's that went back for RROD repairs would last maybe a week, maybe a day, maybe a month or 2, many people even recieved machines back & plugged them in, only for the thing to not even work from get go.

So 360 repairs were temporary. I'd like to hear if anyone has a conflicting story to that, as from all the complaints online, & EVERYBODY that I knew with a 360, every last one of them had to replace at least one machine. But launch 360's were guaranteed to fail & that goes for there machines at least 3yrs down the line.
h311rais3r  +   1293d ago
On my 3rd 360
And on my 2nd ps3.
Siren30   1293d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
cstyle  +   1293d ago
my xbox has never failed me once.
TheGamingArt   1293d ago | Trolling | show
Bladesfist  +   1293d ago
My PC's power supply melted once. That is my only problem that has caused my gaming system to fail. I like being able to build and fix computers.
Christopher  +   1292d ago
Okay, seriously, what did you do to get your power supply to melt? Either a real faulty power supply or you were doing something tricky.
Bladesfist  +   1292d ago
Installed a 2nd graphics card. The PSU was supposed to be able to handle the wattage. But no it just melted. My point is if your ps2 dvd drive breaks u buy a new console, if mine breaks I buy a new £10 dvd drive.
Christopher  +   1292d ago
Oh, I gotcha on the reasoning, just never had someone have a power source actually melt unless it was due to being a faulty product.

I tend to overdo wattage by 25% to make sure it will handle whatever I put in now. I don't trust their rankings.
chasegarcia  +   1292d ago
My broken consoles:

Wii: 1 (caused by me)
PS3: 2 (fixed one)
X360: 1 (sold It)

Now I am a Pc gamer till the new consoles roll again.
#23 (Edited 1292d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
DebateMaster  +   1292d ago
Seriously how is your 360 broken if you sold it.
chasegarcia  +   1292d ago
My x360 broke then I send to Microsoft to get it fixed under warranty. Then I sold it. Then a year later it broke again because I received an email telling me of the repair status because everything was under my name.

When my PS3 broke I did the reflow fix. It worked for like a day. Then I threw in the garbage.

My Nintendo Wii was moded. I then unmoded it to sell it on ebay. It broke during the shipping process.

I owned all three consoles this generation. The Ps3 was not that much more reliable than X360. I also took care of my consoles. I think they weren't that reliable because all three were launch consoles.
#23.1.1 (Edited 1292d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
DebateMaster  +   1287d ago
Are you serious? The PS3 is a lot more reliable. Mine still isn't broken yet. Had it for 3 ps2 for 6 years. Still works. You either have incredibly bad luck or you don't take as good care as you think.
neutralgamer19   1292d ago | Immature | show
extermin8or  +   1292d ago
I can't vouch for the 360 but I can say I've had 2 broken old ps3's in 4 years, however the new slim seems to be more reliable what I can say is considering the size of the instal bases those figures aren't big enough to draw a conclusion...
TheObserver  +   1292d ago
You guys must take shitty care of your electronics.

My count of problems:

PS1(2x, one is modded): 0 Still Works
PS2 Fat(2x, one is modded): 0 Still Works
PS3 (CECHA01 Fat):0 Still Works
Xbox (Elite): 1 <--- Somehow during a Rockband game party, the disc drive is permanently messed up and scratches all discs tere afterwards. Ruined several games, including Rockband itself. Had to fix it using warranty. I don't use it that much to cause RROD.

PC: Over 9000. Cause I mess around with the computer mostly. Usually software issues. Physical reliability is excellent.

I dust my house every Monday because I have allergies.
nik666uk  +   1292d ago
And all of them liars!!!
Mikefizzled  +   1292d ago
The impression I get from the Playstation camp is Xbox has a failure rate of 101% and PS3 has 0%. I think people are clutching on the launch problems 360 for much to long.
neutralgamer19  +   1292d ago
The impression your getting from the sony camp is that the hugeeeeee failure rate at launch for Xbox was horrendous and as high as 50% which is factual and later steeped down to like 20% and now is probably like 10% !!!! and Ps3 failure rates have been consistently around 10% or maybe even lower.

I dont think anyone is clutching on anything except the writer of this article making it seem as if this is big news lol the damage has been done time to move on. We all know Micros greed played a part on that huge intial failure rate and it isnt an issue anymore that news is so 2007
josephayal  +   1292d ago
WELL my 360 slim still alive, no pro here.. 500,001
bub16  +   1292d ago
Wait till your warranty runs out it will break, these things ARE built to break, its not hard to cool down a console. After all the hard work that goes in to making them. The companies cant cool them down?????
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