This Project CARS community trailer will leave you speechless

DSOGaming writes: "Project CARS member ‘Halcyon’ has released a mind-blowing community trailer for Slightly Mad Studios’ racer. To put it simple – this is the best timelapse Project CARS video you’ve ever seen. This is also the video with which you can tease your friends who do not have access to Project CARS’ alpha builds. As always, this video shows pure, in-game graphics and our jaw fell to the floor at 0:30. It… looks… so… real."

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DeadlyFire2033d ago

Next-gen. See ya in 2013.

Sono4212032d ago

This is happening now on PC... just saying.

DeadlyFire2032d ago

Oh I know. :P Just saying those console folks won't see it for another year.

ironfist922033d ago

Slightly Mad Studios: 2

Polyphony Digital: 0

Your move.

SandWitch2033d ago

*Gran Turismo 6 appears*


BuLLDoG9092033d ago

hopefully this will be far better then gt5,

and this is good for us who like the gt series,
PD have had it too soft this gen with no competition, taking there sweet ass time with everything, i love the gt series, but i hope this game beats it on every level.

edgeofsins2033d ago

I'm pretty sure if Polyphony put full focus on a PC game that it would destroy it. They still have way more cars, tracks, and race modes.

Dee_912033d ago

and the retardedness begins

you guys keep tabs
il be playing both

KingPin2033d ago

lets see the ps3 version first before dishing out points shall we...or is that too rational for you?

this graphics could be from the pc version running a GPU 4 times stronger than the PS3. for all we know the ps3 version could equal GT5.

great graphics though. no doubt. looking good.

but play GT5 in 3D and you will see exactly how ahead it is graphics wise.

decrypt2033d ago

Lol NFS shift running on PC in 3D, makes GT5 look like a PS2 game. Get of your Sony crack mate.

h311rais3r2033d ago

Played gt5 in 3d. Doesn't touch project cars in 1080p. Sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn't come close. cars looks near photorealistic most of the time. Gt5 still looks like a game.

KingPin2033d ago

decrypt & h311rais3r

both you guys missed the point.

compare PS3 with PS3 graphics. then tell me which one comes out on top.

hell, we all know PC graphics tops any console. there is no denying that. but lets compare apples with apples not apples with oranges.

Puddlejumper752023d ago

Why compare PS3 to PS3?

Oh so it has a chance of actually competing....LMAO.

I think they are comparing graphics to graphics not Company A to company B, just because PS3 gets beaten is no reason to change whats been going on for 7 years now.

Lastly,to claim its some how apples to oranges when last time I checked both are very similar on the inside when it comes to parts is grasping at straws.

PS3 isnt going to compare to current PC hardware but when it did come close you PS3 guys had no problems throwing it in the face of PC gamers if some game on your console looked good compared to the PC version.

You mad bro?
Jelly much?

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ATi_Elite2033d ago

I really would like to see Polyphony Digital make a PC version of Gran Turismo. They are truly an ambitious and talented studio.

But we have a Glorious Project Cars instead. Slightly Mad Studios has gone all out on this game and it isn't even finished yet.

So much Goodness in the game, it's krazy!

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g-nome2033d ago

Cars standing still - how exciting. GT6 says hi...

ed3dfx2032d ago

Hi. Thanks for your comment. Just to please you I've updated the trailer with some cars in motion time lapse (night racing shots)

Cheers, (video is being processed on vimeo and will be down for another 20 min)

metroid322033d ago

1080p wiiu all the way,i wonder is any dev gonna try and beat these graphics with wiiu gpu as its super powerful and at least 4 gens above ps3

edgeofsins2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Oh look a "troll"! Oh what I did there? I cleverly created a work of alliteration using the word clever as I comment about how clever your post is. You are a master of BSing people to believe that you are seriously that misinformed and easy to manipulate with false facts.

If you really are serious then that further shows how dumb people are getting.

Puddlejumper752033d ago

I'd say the dumb one is the one that is actually stupid enough to believe a chip made in 2004 is some how superior to one made 8 years later.

Guess you are one of those butt hurt Sony fanboys that spent the past 6 years talking about how power is all that mattered only to now have to back track because its not the strong point of your favored console any more.

edgeofsins2033d ago

Me? You replied to me so obviously your comment should be towards me.

What part of my comment hinted anything about Sony whatsoever?

He said 4 gens above PS3. Yes the Wii U is reasonably stronger then the PS3 but it isn't more then 2 gens above PS3 if 1. If you look at his comments about Wii U all he is doing is acting like a fanboy because he thinks it's funny to be stupid.

No? Quit saying assumptions. PS3 was the most powerful console for 6 years almost. So why would I cowardly deny that I ever believed that when a new console comes out over SIX years later? And the new console isn't even that far ahead. It likely won't be as strong as the new consoles a year or two from now by a long shot. It didn't use groundbreaking technology. It just uses more updated chips. It isn't that far ahead.

Puddlejumper752031d ago

"Me? You replied to me so obviously your comment should be towards me. "

OMG no Kidding? What was your first clue?

LOL kids today... It's not hard to spot a fanboy when they get hurt over a comment like his. So what if that is what he thinks? You don't know how wrong or right he is. I also bet I wont see you making those same arguments when someone is trashing the Wii U. Given that your reply was exactly that.

It's easy to see that anything positive about Nintendo is something that bothers you personally. If that doesnt say butt hurt fanboy I dont know what does.

mcstorm2033d ago

Looks good I cant wait to see this game when it comes out and also see Forz 4 GT5 and this compared. Just a shame I wont be playing this game as im not a pc gamer but im sure millions of pc gamers will pick it up.

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