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Rice3822d ago

Can't wait, this and God of war are gonna keep my hands busy...

NoUseMerc3822d ago

I've played the Japanese version and its the most amazing game I have ever played on a handheld. Visually it is stunning. The battle system though I could do without. They should have stuck with turn based.

Mr_Kuwabara3822d ago

Is the battle system bad or just hard to get used to?

Jpinter3822d ago

I think its bad. It's not getting used to it thats the problem, it's just kinda stupid. You use a slot machine type thing where you try and hit certain icons in a row to get more powerful attacks. Kind of like Mog's Limit Break from FFVII only its like that for all your characters.

Figboy3822d ago

primarily because the game is in, well, *JAPANESE.

the game is great, however, and is very pretty.

i actually *LIKE the battle system, but naturally, since i don't speak Japanese, i haven't figured out all the particulars.

i can't wait for this and Chains of Olympus, though i'm going to have to find a way to get those two, and the gigantic number of PS3 games hitting also. my wallet is cringing in the corner in anticipation of the beating it's going to get this year.

add onto that i have a 360 *TOO, and that's just too much damn money spent on games this year.

this is *AWESOME!

meepmoopmeep3822d ago

i can't wait to finally get this game! this and chains of olympus are a must! both seem to push the psp to its limits.

f7ss13822d ago

might have to pick up a psp for this one

Rice3822d ago

fo show, and dont forget to pick up God of War.

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