Gabe Newell’s “Top 5 Reasons Why PC Gaming is Lord and Master”

If I idolized anyone besides myself it would be Gabe Newell. Besides his body odor and excess fat, the man is a damn genies. He has created some of the best video games ever, lead the way on an Open platform (the PC) and kept his company private.

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Patriots_Pride1970d ago

The fatman has spoken now give him his cake : ) jk

Gabe is alright in my books but needs to stop trolling us with HL3 - at this rate my grand children's childrens will be playing HL3 instead of me.

3GenGames1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

A fat joke a day keeps Half-Life 3 away!

da_2pacalypse1969d ago

PC gaming is amazing because:

1. Gabe Newell
2. Gabe Newell
3. Gabe Newell
4. Gabe Newell
5. Gabe Newell


MrBubble1969d ago

Good cause it will probably suck since its takin so long

jon12341970d ago

i wonder what his top 5 donut toppings are!

BABY-JEDI1970d ago

I would like to see L4D on PS3 please Gabe, old buddy, chum ect, ect... & if we can have a game about dognut toppings also, all the better.. jk

Eyeco1969d ago

Just buy it for PC, its like an entirely different game to the console version, also DLC is FREEE

xwabbit1969d ago

its 5 bucks right now in steam

BABY-JEDI1967d ago

Well if anybody has a free PC to donate... LoL only kidding. I will look into it thanks

ATi_Elite1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

All the new tech and genres get tried out and perfected on the PC first then transfered over to the consoles allowing Consolers to get a flawless product right out the gate on their systems.

I love the freedom and openness of the PC and the ability to make money on the side from games.

No I don't Farm Gold or make Team Fortress 2 Hats or just flat out Extort people for ISK/Cash in Eve Online but me and my team have some vehicles for sale in DayZ and we also provide security transport for those wanting to see all of Chernaruas. LMAO!!

The PC allows you to play a game and totally get PAID which is one of the many great reasons i prefer the platform.

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WeskerChildReborned1970d ago

PC gaming seems like it's better due to more variety and freedom with games like mods.
I'll be getting my PC soon but until then, i'll be gladly playing my PS3.

luoshuigui1970d ago

i think the main reason PC gaming is back is because nowadays it's just more and more easy to play games on PC. Unlike couple years ago, we now have more robust OS, more stable drivers and easier installation. The convenience of digital games also helped a lot, services like Steam or GOG, at the same time console gaming became more and more complicated.

NeoTribe1970d ago

Console gaming became more complicated.... right... turn on console, press play game. Fuck that was hard. Sometimes I wish I had a pc so I could wait ten mins for it to load up and get random errors after installing and trying to play a game.

Letros1969d ago


I think he was referring to mandatory installs and updates, something consoles were free from for years. Try not to be such a douche next time.

Autodidactdystopia1969d ago


I pronounce it like Nacho Libre.

nee-Yo Trreeh-Bay
it will load you can hear it automatically.

So much to Say to you So little attention to learn.

NovusTerminus1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

PC gaming is 100% better in terms of tech and modding.

That said, most of the games I play, never come out for the PC. So it is not better for me. Still, I have a gaming PC, just don't use it as much, been playing to much Dragon's Dogma and Resonance of Fate.

PC's don't get many Japanese games, which is about all I play.

Gotta hand it to him, he is a funny guy.

representj1970d ago

pc hardware is def top notch, but when it comes to exclusive games , i have to stick with consoles since its only place where it has uncharted, halo 4, resistance, heavy rain, jak and daxter, and much more. Pc has their own exclusives but i feel consoles has the edge when it comes to exclusive gaming. Games are just more appealing and fun.......NOT SAYING PC GAMES are bad. they're good as well but i jus like exclusive titles on consoles better... That's just my opinion

Somebody1970d ago

It'll be weird though when next gen comes around. Sony and MS have been very busy with cloud gaming. Sony buying Gaikai and MS integrating everything - mobile, X Box and Windows- all under one platform with cloud capabilities...all point to next gen system where any games can be streamed to any platforms-consoles, mobiles or PC.

So what happens when my Sony account lets me play Uncharted on my laptop via its cloud streaming service or MS letting all LIVE enabled devices play Gear of War 6? That would be awkward for any gamer to claim "My consoles have batter exclusives!"

DragonKnight1969d ago

I really doubt that Sony will allow PS games to be played on PC and undercut their console's gaming library. Everyone is saying that Gaikai will start making PS games available everywhere but aren't considering the most fundamental problem with that. That being PS4 and PSVita. There would literally be no need for those 2 systems if all anyone had to do was load up Gaikai on their PC. Do you really think that Sony is moving towards that?

Bladesfist1969d ago

@DragonKnight - It would save them a tonne of money on R&D and console costs while still giving them there lovely 30% profit on all games. Seems like a lot of profit. The reason they wont do this however is because its not really in the consumers best interest. People want to own their games and want to be able to play them offline.

Somebody1969d ago

And so exclusivity will always be the defining, probably the last, feature between the gaming platforms. Everything else such as patches, swappable hard disks, installation and online capabilities are pretty much universal by now.

It's understandable that Sony would never allow Gaikai stream PS4 games for the PC since will obviously undercut sales for their console. BUT, it would still be awkward should Gaikai enabled PC games to be streamed into the PS4 (while Sony is denying PS4 games to be streamed to PCs). That would resulted in Sony undercutting the PC's exclusivity instead. Why should the consoles gamers buy a PC when ALL the PC's exclusive games are streamed onto their PS4?

Wouldn't that be unfair for PC gamers?

DragonKnight1969d ago

@Somebody: Pfff no. PC gamers don't care about exclusives. When's the last time you ever saw that. All PC gamers care about are visual options, mods, and the game being made with PC in mind. There is no one PC platform holder to answer to. If anyone wouldn't like it, it would be developers but even then they're getting money. It's not like people are going to stop buying PCs because their games can be streamed onto consoles, but people WOULD stop buying consoles if the reverse were true. There would be no need of them at all, whereas PCs are used for more than just gaming.

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Treian1969d ago

PC has more exclusives than both consoles combined...

nix1970d ago

here we go again...

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