Video Game Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Yahoo games writes:

"Mikey and the Pop Rocks. The Kidney Thieves. Richard Gere and the Gerbil. In addition to being great band names, they're all urban legends, modern day folklore that somehow transcend their obvious fallacies to become curious facts. From hook-handed serial killers to microwaved poodles, tall tales of outrageous acts are as entertaining as they are exaggerated.

As it turns out, video games enjoy their fair share of mythical events and lost legends, some of which are, startlingly enough, actually true. Read on to find out if the following famous video game myths are facts or fictions."

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Relcom3738d ago

I can't believe Atari did that....

RecSpec3738d ago

Who knows if ET wouldn't have bombed so bad we might be on the Atari 52000.

SlyGuy3737d ago

"he was securing PS2s in an effort to build a nefarious military supercomputer"

"the sheer processing potency of the PS2 were at best vastly overstated"

He should have just waited for the CELL to release...doh!