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What do you think of these PC games ported to console?

Console and PC games will always be at odds. What about those which are ported from PC to console? Does it work? Read on and find out. (American McGee's Alice, Bejeweled, Culture, Dev, Dragon Age: Origins, Industry, Peggle, The Sims, Zuma)

rufusman91  +   977d ago
Only one of those games even interest me.
Gaming101  +   977d ago
Exactly, I mean all those facebook games and arcade shovelware? Who cares? People want to pay 10 bucks to play games that cost less on mobile devices and are free on facebook and tons of other gaming sites?
You gotta admit, console owners are so jaded and used to paying out the ass for way too much crap that they're willing to shell out 10-15 bucks for something you can get for a dollar, or free elsewhere, it really says something about how console owners are treated, and how they view games as being something worth spending more money than they're actually worth. I don't think any game has been worth 60 bucks for a very long time, it's why I always buy on ebay, kijiji, or borrow used.
Something interesting to think about.
givemeshelter  +   977d ago
I think its a good thing that games end up on multiple platforms
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givemeshelter  +   977d ago
I think its a good thing that games end up on multiple platforms
PoSTedUP  +   977d ago
I think its a good thing that games end up on multiple platforms
BitbyDeath  +   977d ago
I think its a good thing that games end up on multiple platforms
givemeshelter  +   977d ago
Opps...that posted too many times LOL
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CrazyInsane  +   977d ago
Casual games ??! How about some real pc classics
Ravenor  +   977d ago
Quality article. /s

Here is a summary:

PC and Consoles have different control inputs.

Being different, they require different implementations of menu's and UI. Some games are designed in a way that the controller may be more beneficial or a mouse and keyboard.

Here is a list of 5 games that you can loosely say one is probably better then the other.
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aquamala  +   977d ago
You can use controller on PC, you can't use keyboard/mouse on consoles
Ravenor  +   977d ago
You broke her article.
Yodagamer  +   977d ago
I believe the ps3 supports mouse and keyboard, but no one ever supported it which kinda surprises me, same with the ps2
TheDivine  +   977d ago
I like when any game i couldnt play otherwise makes its way to me. Without the 360 i wouldve missed metro 2033, the dragon knight saga, the witcher 2, and some others. They werent as good as the pc versions if you have a half decent pc but its better than nothing.
taquito  +   977d ago
every game made is ported from pc to console

people dont make games on ps3'3, 360's, or wii's

all games are made on pc and then ported to console, thats one of the reasons why the pc version is always the best/

also, the much better components allow the game to run with WAY higher resolutions and way better/more anti aliasing, so pc games dont have all the jaggies console games do

even exclusives like halo reach and uncharted 3 were made on pc, sony and ms just paid the devs NOT to release them on pc
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ZoyosJD  +   977d ago
Although, a lot of coding, modeling, and animation is done on PC it is constantly being tested on dev kits to ensure that it runs properly on the achitecture and the version being built for each console is never ran on the PC itself. So, esentially the games are made on said systems.
Ravenor  +   977d ago
Yep, especially in the cases of PS3 titles. The nature of that console by default puts to rest the notion that the console hardware has absolutely NOTHING to do with development.
taquito  +   976d ago
@Zoyous and ravenor-


every single thing that goes into the development of the game is 100% entirely done on pc, then the devs try to get it to run on console.

most of the times the have to take things out

thats why you see games like alan wake and resistance 3 that only run at 540p because they had to drop the resolutionn down so much just to get it to run on console

you can bet your as when it was on pc it didnt start out at 540p, the limitations of the console insisted that the PORT from pc to console had to be chopped up to work.

you kids can disagree all you want, but if you knew even a fraction of anything about game development you would know EVERY SINGLE GAME INCLUDING CONSOLE "EXCLUSIVES" are made, designed, created, formed, layed out, tested, coded, programmed, modeled, shaded, lighted, textured ect...ect....ect.......all on PC.

Every game you have ever played in you life was made on pc!

heres the last of us, another game made on pc, and ported to your console!!

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ZoyosJD  +   976d ago
@ taquito

Check your spelling, its Zoyos and you're incorrect.

LMFAO...your so called reference video never shows the game running on the PC, just artwork, code, and trailers and no animation wireframe work.

Want to know why?

Its because its coded specifically for the hardware on the system. That is why they have dev kits.

The code for the PS3 and PC on multiplat games is so different because of achitecture that attempting to run the code for one system on the other commonly results in the game crashing.

The better the code is designed for one system the harder it is to run on a different system.

The parts that make up a game may be made on PC, but they are compiled and tested on dev kits. You can't just leave out the console when making a console game.
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taquito  +   976d ago
all a dev kit is is a stop valve, it tells the dev they are making the game too good for the ancient 2005 console,

hey.....whoa buddy, don't try to make this 720p, your killing this $20 graphics card, we better go with 600p

hey man stop, you simply cannot have that much hdr lighting in this scene, it will only run at 5 frames per second

thats what a dev kit is, the freaking game is still made on pc

or maybe you can point me to the award winning games created solely using a ps3, littlebig planet mods???

lol......too bad little big planet the game itself was made on pc

and ummm...in the vid i linked, all you see are naughty dog devs in front of PC's, what are you not getting dude, you must be slow, THE FREAKING ENTIRE GAME IS CREATED ON A PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL.........how hard is that to grasp, then it is retrofitted, ported, forced, shrunk and cut down so it can be somewhat playable at 20-30 frames with jaggies screen tear and all the console failings

thats why devs love to show screenshots months before the game comes out that look incredible, no jaggies, beautiful high res textures, thos are the shots of the game on pc, with 16x AA and native 1080p resolution

then you get the game on console and its sub hd, covered in jaggies and screen tear
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ZoyosJD  +   976d ago
"Development kits or dev kits are systems that contain additional features, such as debugging, sent out to developers to create games."

"A software development kit (SDK or "devkit") is typically a set of software development tools that allows for the creation of applications for a certain software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer system, video game console, operating system, or similar platform."

"A native development kit (NDK) is a software development kit based on a native application programming interface (API) which allows computer software to be developed directly on a computing platform, rather than via a virtual machine."

Do a little research, you clearly don't know the difference between a dev kit and a PC.

If you think those are all PCs in the ND studio, your an idiot, about half are dev kits.

examples: http://vgsales.wikia.com/wi...
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Ravenor  +   976d ago
I never said that the PC wasn't involved with development. It's simply kinda ignorant to think that the 360 and PS3 games aren't coded and optimized specifically for those platforms. They don't just copy and paste the game and then start knocking down the resolution to get it to work.

Video Games will always be made on PC, but it doesn't mean that the native hardware that the software is intended for isn't involved.

Like reading your shit, I don't know who you're talking to. I don't know who you're insinuating is a child but I don't appreciate a jumped up little shit talking about resolution, AA and frame rates like I'm not aware that my PC is capable of more. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?

FYI, games like Halo Reach, Uncharted 3, Beyond and The Last of Us only exist because of the massive budgets these developers are given by the manufacturers of the hardware. If the Xbox or Playstation brand didn't exist, you can almost guarantee that none of the games above would exist or be anywhere close to what they are.

Get off your high horse, I love my PC but I don't act a like a baby over some jaggies and a lower resolution.
Hanuman  +   977d ago
The witcher 2 is the best port..
alousow  +   977d ago
i dont think lots of people going be playing those pc games on console. Most ppl that own console play these games COD,BF3,GTA5(in the future), FIFA, NBA, MADDEN.

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