Zynga facing trouble after failing to meet revenue expectations

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"Social gaming company Zynga has seen a massive drop in their share price after releasing the company's earnings."

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kamruk2064d ago

Not sure if disinterested or amused.

Soldierone2064d ago

Good, cheering for it to continue.All their dirty tricks, they deserve the karma.

MattS2064d ago

Yeah it's so funny when people's jobs are threatened.

Soldierone2064d ago

Who said it was funny?

Plus its not like they are shutting down, the greedy rip off CEO's are just losing money.

kamruk2064d ago


We don't live in a world where Zynga's CEO is going to take a massive pay cut to save their employees, there are jobs at stake here.

MasFlowKiller2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )


It is too bad if anyone looses their job but Zynga is a publicly traded company and the market will react specially when you have good people or bad people running the company.

Too bad for Zynga no one respects Mark Pincus because he is very unethical, anyway CEO can be fired by the board of directors if things get too too bad. So lets just hope for one person to loose his job Mark Pincus

WeskerChildReborned2064d ago

Why do all the mobile companys do dirty tricks? Gameloft isn't that great either.

Gaetano2064d ago

I hate comments like these. The hostility towards wealth and free enterprise completely disregards the hard work and inventiveness of those that started the company to begin with. People's jobs are on the line.

Fatty2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

1. No one begrudges companies that thrive on original ideas and quality productions; Zynga's leadership has openly stolen ideas and made terrible games. I can be angry at them for that.

2. Yes there are jobs on the line, and I think we all hope that the developers land on their feet if that were to happen. However, I believe the anger, like most anger, is directed at the unethical leadership of the company, not the average employee.

Rashonality2064d ago

they got big fast, i won't be surprised if they fall even faster.

kamruk2064d ago

Zynga opened at 10, shot up to 16 and is now at 3.20

They are falling pretty fast. I'm wondering if a Facebook buyout would be a possible outcome. They basically already own them and with how their stock is doing, a merger might not be so insane.

DeadlyFire2064d ago

Well free to play only lasts so long before you don't wanna pay that nickel and dime scheme for every little thing.

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