Wii Warm Up: Best. Q1. Evar.

Wii Fanboy writes:

We were recently sifting through the latest list of forthcoming Wii releases, when it struck us: for Wii owners, the opening three months of 2008 are looking surprisingly healthy. As anybody who is familiar with this industry will know, the first quarter of any given year is usually a drought for quality games, a period for wallets to gain some respite from the Christmas bombardment of releases.

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cooke153798d ago

No More Heroes
Endless Ocean
Mario Kart

yeah not bad

v1c1ous3798d ago

i might actually play more than just 2 games!

RecSpec3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Actually I think the best first quarter ever was when Smith Center High School football team in Kansas scored 72 points on their opponent Plainview.

Luckily for Wii owners the year ends at the end of March.

Oh wait, IT DOESN'T

BrotherNick3798d ago

Only sucks for people who aren't nintendo fans. I myself am having fun.

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