25 Things Games Have Been "Proven" to Do to You

The Legal Arcade provides a master list of the general conclusions of video game research, revealing the vast contradictions between them and several surprising results.

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Relientk773707d ago

this is what i like about this article:

- Raise the risk of aggressive behavior
- Teach both aggression and more useful things
- Can make you drive more aggressively
- Increase aggressive thoughts, but not behavior
- Make only angry people more aggressive
- Make only aggressive kids more aggressive

and heres another one

- Have absolutely nothing to do with aggression

um what? lol im pretty sure that just conflicts with half the list like i just showed u ^


v1c1ous3707d ago

which is a bit more fair than "experts" who ram the negatives down the public's throat.

i also think gamers as a whole need to be a bit more mature and accept that videogames aren't 100% good either.

but then again, anything good or bad is really bad when taken to an extreme.

-EvoAnubis-3707d ago

Anyone can come up with any conclusion they want to based on what parameters they set for the study. These things are meaningless.

antoinetm3707d ago

"Give you less time to study"

i wonder what kind of advanced mathematics and hypothesis testing they had to go tru to arrive to this conclusion. Absolutely stunning.

heyheyhey3707d ago

"are less emotionally involving than films"

i agree, but there are quite few exceptions- FF7, uncharted

games are not nearly as bad as some people percieve them to be- but i think manhunt went a little OTT and it resulted in deaths

the only bad games from an educational point of view are games like WoW- i think WoW is the worst piece of sh!t game there is and someone should go all out on the servers with a baseball bat

SlyGuy3707d ago

Hmm I found heavenly sword to be very emotionally involving. Okami as well!

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The story is too old to be commented.