Apple MacBook Air Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz - 13.3" TFT Review (Video)

Incredibly thin yet surprisingly sturdy; new touchpad gesture controls are very useful; remote optical drive makes living without a built-in drive much easier.

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Joey Gladstone3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

but i still give it a MEH....LIMITED CONNECTIVITY For $1,799.99 = NO GO....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

KineticX3829d ago

Definately an interesting concept but ultimately, it's still an Apple product so expect way OTT prices for not a lot of performance.

TheWiseguy3829d ago

Funny because when I run my 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro in BootCamp with Windows runs Unreal Tournament 3 better than most peoples DESKTOPS.

captainpwn3829d ago

Everything Apple creates is pure genius. And, its extremely sturdy, too. Whether its the revolutionary iPhone, or an amazing iPod Touch, or iMacs or Macbooks or Leopard, Apple knows how to make products. If you ever question Apple, just buy a Macbook, and buy an iPhone or iPod Touch, and get ready to say THIS IS LIVING.

KineticX3829d ago

I'm not denying that Apple products are good, but compared to similar products from other companies, they ARE way overpriced.

potenquatro3829d ago

apple may be overpriced sometimes but its way more stable. its easy to use , but if you know alot about pc it shouldn't matter. i use my apples for work and when ur comp is part of ur business i.s. you really cant afford to have a big money making project in development and have ur computer crashing or an os problem that makes u loose data or time everytime theres an error.and that is why some games may not look nicer, but they run smoother with more stable fps. their programs are more optimized because more people share the same hardware too.

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Valin3829d ago

What you can't afford. With apple you get what you pay for which is wow factor and ease of use. I've got 5 Macs in my house. One MacPro, 2 Mac books, 1 Macbookpro and one Mac mini that connected up my 40 inch Bravia. They are all networked and I just connected them all to a 1TB time capsule I got yesterday. Doing that with a PC would be a Pain in the ass yeah you'd get the same results in the end at a lower price but that the thing with Macs your paying for ease of use.

captainpwn3829d ago

How is it? I've been really curious about it since I saw Steve Jobs announce it.

Si-Pie3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Why would that be hard to do with pcs???? Ive networked loads of PCs and its not a pain in the ass its just easy. Yep macs are nice and used quite a few BUT I prefer a PC because with me I dont like to be told what to have. I want to choose what hardware I have in my comp and what company I buy it from but with apple its just one choice. One thing I would like to have though is the Apple OS. I really like OSX and its very stable. One of the main reasons why PCs crash is because of one thing ---- Windows.

Valin3829d ago

It's actual the best back-up system I've ever had between all my computers I had around 750GB worth of files on them. As soon as I flicked them on Time Capsule came up on the network and asked "Would you like to transfer files to Time Capsule" it took around 12-15 hours to transfer all the files i left it over night but after it's done you can just set it on Constant back-up so If you have leopard everything in time-machine just goes straight into it. It's all wireless so if you have multipule Mac in your house i would definatly recommend it. Hope that helps.

Gondee3829d ago

But when there simplfied its also less expendable.

idk im still not sold on this thing.

and by the way, some one posted an atrical about how usb wirless network cards dont fit in the usb port. you have to buy the apple one.

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