Coming In Under The Radar: Left 4 Dead

"Here is your opportunity to be tea-bagged by zombies! Taking the survival horror genre in a new direction Turtle Rock's Left for Dead combines everyone's favorite undead enemies with co-operative multiplayer focused game play.

The game is set in contemporary America and like most zombie games a virus has spread turning the population into zombies. You play as one of four humans, or as one of five different types of zombies. Humans are tasked with escaping and zombies are tasked with preventing this."

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Joey Gladstone3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

but graphically it is failing to deliver, this day and age of next Gen games I for one refuse to accept ..Great gameplay with poor graphics or vice versa.........with great games like Uncharted,COD4, and Unreal currently out games looking as poor as Left 4 Dead are simply unacceptable....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

TheIneffableBob3854d ago

Left 4 Dead has great graphics.

ngg123453854d ago

But was I the only one that hated that women? She is so annoying.

zonetrooper53854d ago

Can't wait to get the best version, of course that will be the PC version. I also can't wait until I can make maps for this game. =D

BoondockFan243854d ago

The video is almost a year old so don't worry about the graphics. But I also heard it got delayed until August. I may be wrong though

MikeGdaGod3854d ago

the only game i want for the 360 this year

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