Why Death Should Bum You out In A Video Game (Far Cry 2 Vs. Halo, Gears)

MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo writes:

"After talking to Far Cry 2 creative director Clint Hocking about explosive barrels, and fears of slumping PC first-person-shooter sales, there was only one more big topic for me to tackle with him: not selling out creatively.

Hey, I know how it is. I work for a big company. I know what expectations people have when you get involved with a big-budget enterprise. Folks begin to doubt that any interest you have in anything that's indie or alternative has no chance of showing up in your work.

So I challenged Hocking on this. He loves indie games, or so I'd heard. How does that square with making a big-budget first-person-shooter. He took me up on it and we wound up talking about emotion and death, and how Halo, Gears of War come up short in a particular way that he says Far Cry 2 won't."

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RecSpec3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Passage is actually pretty amazing. As you played on you slowly picked up on what was happening and what was going to happen. It seemed pretty simple at first, but if you read the creator's note about the game, it's crazy to see how deep it is.

As far as this goes, let's see, Digital Devil Saga, Call of Duty 4, and possibly Days of Ruin are the only games where I've felt something of an emotional connection to the characters.

Ironically Final Fantasy fails as well. At least to me it does.

jaja14343772d ago

Generally speaking I've always had trouble connecting with 14 something boys that somehow save the world. I'm not bashing the FF games since a few of them are the best I've played but, it makes me wonder. Where are all the adults in the world?

bootsielon3772d ago

What are you talking about... From FF1 to FF7, most of the protagonists are adults. It's from FF8 and afterwards that younger characters started to be the main ones.

jaja14343772d ago

Guess what, I didn't start playing any of FF series until 7 so my comment still stands.

In any event it doesn't only apply to Final Fantasy, most JRPG which has always been greater in number than Western RPG have to do with some young teens saving the world. I don't mind some 18+ doing it. But a 14 year old defeating a full grown experienced adult time after time. Give me a break.

socomnick3772d ago

FF1-7 are the best ones. They feel different somehow from the newer ones.

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travelguy2k3772d ago

choose the difficulty level at the beggining of far cry 2. If you have it set to the most difficult setting, it auto saves when a character dies, and limits how old of a save you can reload.

travelguy2k3772d ago

was kinda wierd, i was thinking at the begging.."how could this make me feel anything but board?", then about 2 thirds of the way through i understood what was going on, then by the end it has you thinking not of the game butlife in general.

I have to WOW. Not many games can do that, no matter how much money they spend. Its good to see some developers care, and even try.

Foliage3772d ago

One of the reasons I didn't like Bioshock was the zero consequence for dying.

In multiplayer games I never really liked the respawn system either. It throws strategy out the window.

PS360PCROCKS3772d ago

I don't get how anyone gets a emotional attachment to passage, walk and walk for 5 minutes and you die, yay. Ok I get what the game is saying, still stupid and boring as hell.

RecSpec3772d ago

Well if you have a girlfriend or wife, try playing it again with the girl. And if you still don't get it, I'm truly sorry.