Could Furu Furu Park Be Better Than The Classics?

One of the most consistent game publishers back in the day was Taito. Just hearing the name should bring back memories of dragons, legends, renegades and elevators for some older gamers. They brought to life some of the greatest games and characters ever to be seen. While their name may still appear on new games, they may never reach the height of popularity that they enjoyed in the 1980s. And since Taito was acquired by Square Enix in 2005 they are no longer their own company.

One of the titles that their name has appeared on recently was a mini-game collection, released in the States by Majesco, called Furu Furu Park. This particular collection of mini-games cultivates some of the most well known Taito properties and repurposes them into a mini-game collection for the Wii. MTV Multiplayer's Jason Cipriano was curious to see how the re-imagined versions of some of his favorite games of all time worked as "party games." So he played both the Furu Furu Park versions of these games, as well as the originals and put them to the test to see if nostalgia would win out against "innovation."

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