Infinity Ward’s Next-Gen Call of Duty, id’s Next-Gen Surprise, 1666 And Other Gaming Secrets

Kotaku- Do you want to read about some secrets about the gaming industry? Would you like to know about plans and projects that have been hiding in plain sight? The person known as Superannuation believes that you do and has another haul of them to share

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Emilio_Estevez1909d ago

Lotta good stuff there. C'mon Quake 5

trenso11909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

honestly after kotaku's crazy rumor about versus XIII i can't believe anything that comes from their site unless its from a credible source.

Vynzent1907d ago

The funniest thing is that they ALWAYS say some bullshit like: "a trustable source has told us..."

it's hilarious how stupid they are xD

tehpees31909d ago

Surely Call of Duty must be getting boring now? I played Modern Warfare back when it came out and saw no thrill in it. I played my brother's copy of blackops and still don't get it. I am an outcast of the rest of the gaming community who cannot understand why this series is so popular.

ChunkyLover531909d ago

Like any game it can get boring, but online tends to become quite addicting to a lot of people. I usually get bored with the latest COD around May or June, then I start looking forward to the next installment.

A lot of people look at them all as being the same, but I think Treyarch's COD and IW's COD are vastly different and play totally different. So its always something new each and every November.

ChunkyLover531909d ago

I called that. MW4 will release on Xbox 360/720, PS3/PS4, Wii U and PC. It'll be massive.

Hdz541909d ago

Yeah, this should be good. They'll probably task Sledgehammer with making the current gen versions while IW will make the next gen version. Launch title for XB3/PS4!

Vynzent1907d ago

Yes, it will be a massive herd of sheep buying that thing, like always. Just another re-skin, as a matter of fact, an HD re-skin.

They should just make: "CoD: Online" and end it there, just keep supporting that one game with updates and patches, and dlc, and once in a while HD graphics patches.

HaMM4R1909d ago

who bets that the graphics will still suck even in the next gen!

Ben_Grimm1909d ago

I'll bet your troll gold that it won't be!

Hdz541909d ago

COD2 was a launch title for the 360 and was arguably the best looking game at that time. One would hope that ATVI will re-invest into the series and have them build a new engine for next gen. We shall see..

WeskerChildReborned1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

i get a feeling that the next gen CODs will have a improvement in visuals but they'll all look the same until the next generation after that. I hope they start innovating alot cause it would be bad if they look the same as current gen.

DeadlyFire1909d ago

Well Call of duty engine already does DirectX 11 so they have made their next-gen improvement right there. No need for more they will think. Its like they want EA to catch up to them in sales. They know competition drives sales.

iNFAMOUZ11909d ago

please for the love of god, no cod for next gen, stop ruining this gen!

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The story is too old to be commented.