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Submitted by Parable 1293d ago | opinion piece

5 Franchises that Deserve MMOs

Generally, MMOs don’t really have the best reputations. They’re typically seen as massive time-sinks aimed at archetypal nerds with far too much time to waste in eye of the mainstream. You know what, though? That’s kind of spot on. Ignoring the fact that it’s ever so slightly offensive, it’s not wrong at all. MMOs garner the attention they do because they offer the extreme amounts of depth in a game that some people do actually want. One thing that catches a lot of eyes in particular though is the depth of the world being offered. So when someone offers up a franchise we already love in MMO form, every single fan starts foaming at the mouth for it. Extended looks at universes that we love so much are great. So great in fact that I’ve made a top 5 list of what universes would work perfectly for an MMO. (Culture, Dev)

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