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GameZone writes: "Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition is a nice package for gamers who want to destroy legions of undead monsters. Is it worthy of the title Game of the Year? That's debatable. But at $30, it's tough to pass this game up."

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MysticStrummer2213d ago

Something is wrong with gaming if someone thought this was Game of the Year.

Cosmit2213d ago

It was a fun game. But I agree, not GOTY quality.

StraightPath2213d ago

evidence that game of year means squat. Fanboys always fighting which is the goty. But no knowing that many games get goty from different sources sites etc.

when did dead island be goty?

WeskerChildReborned2213d ago

Yea i liked the game but to release a broken product like that isn't really loyal.

Reverent2213d ago

Well the game wasn't ever even nominated game of the year... So I don't know what the hell Deep Silver is even doing releasing this.

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