Devil May Cry 4 preview - Xbox World 360 finished the game

New characters are always risky. Remember when they put Tails in Sonic 2? Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon? That weird girl who wasn't Elizabeth Berkley in Saved By The Bell? Getting established fans to accept a new face can be tricky, but since Devil May Cry's already been around for three instalments (one good, one bad, one impossibly hard) on PS2, Capcom have decided to chance it.

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BloodySinner3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

After playing through the demo thoroughly, I'm pretty sure I'd rip through this game easily because it has been toned down. =/

Mr_Kuwabara3737d ago

The demo was like in Easy or Normal, dude chill.

pwnsause3737d ago

noob that doesnt know theres a mode thats called "Dante Must Die" Mode, possibly called now "Nero Must Die" cause you'll also play as nero now.