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Digital Extremes: Star Trek = Metroid + Uncharted

GR-UK: Digital Extremes Creative Director Sheldon Carter talks Gamereactor's Gillen McAllister through the concept of the Star Trek video game that is being prepped at the studio.

In our interview he talks about controlling the legendary sci-fi duo ("actually it's the first time you've ever had the chance to play as Kirk and Spock in a video game") and their different play styles ("if you're Spock you want to start mind melding... if you're Kirk you want to run and gun, call down strikes from the Enterprise, you want to make jumps you have no business taking"). Carter also reveals some of the ingredients that are going into the mix ("someone took some Metroid Prime and they spilled it into my Uncharted"). (PC, PS3, Star Trek, Xbox 360)

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cornroves  +   1128d ago
I don't know man spills can be messy...
JoshEngen  +   1128d ago
Dude. Gross.

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