Nintendo Wii Raincheck was actually a good deal

A week before last Christmas Nintendo and video game retailer GameStop announced the Wii Certificate Program (Raincheck). If you got the Wii Raincheck for $250 back then, you should got your Wii console last Friday Jan. 25th.

I4U advised against getting a Wii raincheck back in December. However, I4U now writes the raincheck would actually be handy -- because the Wii is still sold out everywhere; and if the Wii is in stock then it is in an expensive bundle.

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Voozi3797d ago

The Babbages at my mall (Ocean County Mall - New Jersey) had about 3 Wii's in stock. But within an hour they were sold out lol

RecSpec3797d ago

I got lucky and went into my Gamestop right when the shipment came in...but I still didn't buy a Wii. Not until SSBB is almost out.

Mike Ox Big3797d ago

I grudgingly picked up a Rain Check, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that less then a week after Christmas, my Wii was already in! No hassle at all.

captainpwn3797d ago

A good deal would be grabbing a PS3 for only $150 more.

KeiZka3797d ago

If that's your cup of tea, sure. Somehow it hasn't established a similar mass market appeal as Wii has, though...

Poor sods over there. Here Wii is readily available, mainly because it's a pc gaming nation over here.

DraconWolfX3797d ago

So you're telling me that I should spend $150 more on a console which games don't interest me and forego a console which games DO interest me? You're telling me that I am not getting a good deal on a product that has the games I'd WANT TO PLAY and I should just forget that and buy a console that has not many games I'd want to play? Smart move. I guess I will never play what I want to play and buy a console clearly NOT good for what I want to use it for just because you say it is a better deal.

On that logic you should be telling me to buy an 18wheeler big rig truck when I don't need to haul anything and drive only back and forth to work because it is a "good deal".