In the Spotlight: 10 Most Recognisable Gaming Icons

Who is the most recognisable game character? Thunderbolt's Nick Akerman asks the public to find out.

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Ridrick3738d ago

Wrong. UK.

"So, the English public have spoken, recognised and identified. Here are the top 10 most recognisable gaming icons of all time, alongside the game they were most recognised from:"

Ahmadinejad3738d ago

Spyro??? buzzz??

u telling me they are more popular than master chief?? hmmmmmmm

also where is snake?? or Ken, Ruy or anyone else??

strange list

RecSpec3738d ago

It's not about popularity it's about seeing a picture and recognizing who it is. Which to me is pretty funny. It's like when a tv show went around asking people to point out Iraq on a map. People didn't do too well.

Staircase3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Yeah, where is Snake, Link? I would think Link would be one of the top ones.

Kastor_Troii3738d ago

Mario is God!!! that is all........

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