When is N+ better than A+? When it hits your Xbox

It's every garage band's dream: You pour your heart, soul and savings into recording an album, set it loose on the Internet for fans to download, and one day a major record label comes knocking on your door with a lucrative contract in hand.

There's a similar phenomenon going on in the video game business, with indie game designers drawing the attention of corporate giants like Microsoft and Sony, giving their games a chance to be purchased and played by thousands upon thousands of fans.

Toronto's Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard are the latest Canadian game designers to hook up with the bigs, in this case Microsoft's pay-to-play Xbox Live Arcade service. Their award-winning game N, which has been available as a free PC and Mac download for more than three years, will soon find a home on Xbox Live Arcade as the souped-up N+.

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RecSpec3769d ago

I remember playing this before, it did have pretty good physics for a flash game, I don't know what they are going to do to make it worth purchasing though.

Jeebus3769d ago

I played it about right when it hit the site. It was neat, had some interesting animations, but I don't know how much they plan on charging for it. I'd say like $3 tops.