GT5 Prologue: TTGamer Hands-on - 'crucial and biggest PS3 release'

TTGamer writes: "Turn 10 and Microsoft are starting to give Kaz and his team a real run for their money, so many see GT5 as one of the most crucial and biggest Playstation 3 releases of 2008 and we can't but help agree. We recently got a build of Prologue to play around with and while it is only a Prologue, it's clear this is going to be one of the biggest games of 2008"

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sonarus3735d ago

definetly getting GT5 prologue. Gotta save up and buy the new logitech wheel too. I am still hoping for GT5 to comeout this yr but its still too uncertain at this point. With them trying to include damage and all plus the insane amount of cars i gotta say it will probably take a while but its nice to have GT5 prologue while we wait. Can't wait to get my hands on this

jromao3735d ago

are to be included in game with later updates as Polyphony informed before.

Kain813735d ago

that Realistic Damage and dinamic Weather will come as DLC.

MikeGdaGod3735d ago

i never owned a GT game so i'm not that excited about Prologue but i think i'll wait for GT5 for the full experience.

ravinash3735d ago

Prologue should keep me busy till the full game comes out.

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CeruleanSky3735d ago

"Turn 10 and Microsoft are starting to give Kaz and his team a real run for their money"


The_Engineer3735d ago

I think this marks the first time that a corporation has used a psy-op in a console race. Id love to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting.

"This is war gentlemen, we will buy every publication, reviewer and editorial on the internet. If there is a kid on a forum somewhere praising the PS3 I want our teams to POUNCE on him. We must take no prisoners, WE MUST LEAVE NO DOUBT in the minds of the public as to why they NEED US!!!!,If our console breaks down 8 times I want people SO BRAINWASHED that they will send it in for repairs 8 times and when that fails to fix the problem they will just buy a new one. We cannot fail in our mission to rid the gaming world of japanese innovation and influence. Video games are AMERICAN GAWD DAMN IT!!!!! and we will not rest until we pound or japanese friend into submission"

or something like

heyheyhey3735d ago

i hope the full game features some of those crazy cars that were in GT4 like the futuristic car and that really old volkswagen

GIJeff3735d ago

thats all i care about! I want to be able to use a karmann ghia and bore it out to 1800cc at least! i loved racing with the 68...but the dual port 1600 in the 71 is so much better!

cputeq3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

GT is cool and all, but I gotta say Forza's damage modeling is simply top-notch, and brings the realism way up there.

I'm hoping they add damage modeling to GT -- it would be a shame not to have it.

Heck, even if they don't want to see the car's body damaged, just simulate damage *effects*...things like off steering, missing gears, fishtailing at high speeds because your spoiler was damaged, etc. etc.

Just as long as a damage HUD was available, it would be quite groovy. Not as good as Forza's body damage modeling, but better than the current GT's "penalty" solution.

Either way, I'll pick up GT when it hits. I'm a sucker for good racers ;)

danarc3735d ago

I think the damage youre talking about (non-visible) was in Gran Turismo 2, Im not 100% on that, but I could be right :)

season0073735d ago

you are right...for internal damage, its already there
tyre wearing and stuff...
but not like a blow up thingy for sure =)

ReBurn3735d ago

I guess the damage modeling argument could go either way. GT is a driving simulator more than a racing simulator, so I could see where the creators would not place an emphasis on body damage. It would add to the realism of the game if it were there, though.

I wonder if the licenses from the car manufacturers prevent them from showing damage on the cars?

LastDance3735d ago

Yeah i heard something like that once....

Could you imagine doing damage modeling for ever car in the friggen game....

Give them a break.

SUP3R3735d ago

There was a video interview with the creator where he said some cars will have damage and others wont. It depends on what the company that licensed the car says, some said sure no problem and others said no.
The no group said the damage of the car in game might devoid consumers perception of it in reality.
Superstitious they are? Yes, but I understand.

Chuck Norris3735d ago

You know, I could roundhouse kick it for you. That way you could see the damage on the car, regardless whether or not it was a built-in feature or not.

LeonSKennedy4Life3735d ago

Yes, but how far away will the car be after that kick?

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Sayai jin3735d ago

It will be a great game and a big hit, but I think the PS3 will do fine with or without it. No doubt it will sell system.

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