Gamedaily: No More Heroes Review 8/10

Gamedaily writes: Occasionally, you run across a game that's so off-the-wall, so out of control that you can't help but gawk at it. No More Heroes, the latest effort from Suda 51 and Grasshopper, is such a game. Similar to the team's last effort, Killer 7, it relies on style over substance. Heroes shows improvement over that effort, thanks to a refined control set-up and a style all its own – hilarious and over-the-top.

No More Heroes also has an eclectic art style. It resembles the Jet Set Radio games with its vivid cel-shaded characters, although the city looks like it's made out of cardboard. It's gritty, but still decent on the eyes. There are multiple abnormalities, such as blurring textures on buildings and massive slowdown when you perform a finishing move on multiple enemies at once. However, these flaws don't ruin the game; besides, when the screen explodes in bright red colors and coins fly everywhere, it's a breathtaking sight.

In the audio department, Heroes is top-drawer. The background music is perfect, matching up with the surreal atmosphere. At one point, you'll actually hear one of the bosses belt out a custom national anthem before attempting to blast you with a pair of six-shooters. The sound effects are great, especially the hum on your electrified katana.

Even though the graphical flaws and the somewhat stunted side missions get in the way, No More Heroes is 2008's first must-buy for the Wii. It's a romper stomper of a game with enough crazy gameplay, inventive style and loopy antics to justify its price tag. Besides, any game that lets you carry coconuts, mow lawns and slice someone into a bloody fountain – in the same hour – deserves your undivided attention. It's like the summer job you always wanted, but could never find.

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wiizy3794d ago

solid score.. i agree

Cyrus3653794d ago

Looks like a must have game for Wii owners, and the first good game to pick up for Wii in 08.