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Mature-Gaming's own Stephen Hanley got the chance to have a look at South Park and the Stick of Truth for the very first time.

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-MD-2035d ago


zeal0us2035d ago

I don't get the hype around this game.
I love South Park as a show but I never really cared for their video games counterparts.

Thatguy-3102034d ago

Have you seen the game? I mean it is way different the the pass released ones. This actually looks good. If your a fan of the show im sure you'll enjoy it.Looks amazing

bigcupofSTFU2034d ago

chef's luv shack and south park rally would like to have a word with you

SleazyChimp2034d ago

Well thats the whole point, they have never made a good South Park game. The biggest difference between this one and others is the total involvment of Matt and Trey. They actually wanted to make the game and seeked out a developer.

BitbyDeath2034d ago

South Park Rally was awesome.