Stone Cold Steve Austin To Have New Championship Entrance In WWE '13

Even though Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the biggest WWE stars of all time, the past video games failed to include a special championship entrance for him. This is about to change in WWE '13.

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dee-ecks1913d ago

To bad he wasn't at the Raw 1000th show.

bacrec11913d ago

Yeah he injured his knee :(

CarlosX3601913d ago

For those of you who would like to know more about his injury, it's at his site:

Austin has sustained a lot of injuries over the years, the knee has always been a pain for Austin.

Jamzluminati1913d ago

Austin just carries to belt around slinging it. What difference needs to be made? Unless they're gonna make it so that when he has the belt it's actually gonna be the smoking skull.

Relientk771913d ago

That would have been awesome to see him at Raw this past monday

KingGrimmjow61913d ago

Austin slinging the belt made it look badass...

optimus1912d ago

That's not all that special, i would rather see him step out through the broken glass just as it breaks with his logo...i'm not buying austin being "hurt" couldn't participate in the 1000 show. Austin has desperately tried to distant himself from wwe to pursue an acting career like the rock.
For all the criticism the rock received in the past, at least he comes back every now and then. Stone cold having a storyline every now and then wouldn't hurt him at all. He wouldn't even have to wrestle much, except for a stunner here and there... I would have wrote him in as the "anonymous general manager". WHAT?!