MLB 2K8 Hands-on (IGN)

Remember the days before exclusivity deals? Back when it was exciting to see how the two videogame iterations of our favorite sports stacked up against each other. EA Sports adds right analog stick, next year 2K would follow suit. 2K Sports adds in leagues for online play, next year EA Sports would do the same. The competition was fierce and the consumer benefited because of it.

Times have changed, though. With the NFL siding with EA and Major League Baseball going with 2K Sports (at least for third-party publishers) one might think that the feature set for each game would dwindle. After all, where's the incentive to push the envelope? Thankfully that hasn't been the case, as each franchise has been able to refine its game while still adding new elements each season. We've had a preview build of MLB 2K8 for a few days now and are happy to report that the same holds true with America's favorite pastime. Last year's MLB had far too many bugs and glitches to go along with its general lack of gameplay fluidity. Not only have 2K Los Angeles smoothed things out, but they've added new control dynamics that will likely change the way you experience videogame baseball.

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Genki3800d ago

"This years game promises to fix all of those bugs and add better control!"

We'll see.

I also remember MK4 being touted as a complete failed. Now...*shock* there's ANOTHER revamp! Anyone catch this yet?

marinelife93800d ago

Game looks terrible. I'm really looking forward to MLB 08 though.

yoshifett3800d ago

I can't wait. I loved 2k7, and 2K8 looks much better. I hope they make batting slightly easier though, that was my only complaint.