Transformers Fall of Cybertron vs. Guild Wars 2: Who has the better pre-order bonuses?

The next game in the Transformers saga, Fall of Cybertron, is hitting stores August 21, followed by Guild Wars 2 at the end of August. Both are really big releases for long time fans. A few places are offering pre-order bonuses and there is still time to pre-order both games.

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Whitefeather2097d ago

Really? Is this what were comparing nowadays?

Jensen2097d ago

lol, today's news really is so dry..

astar1234567892097d ago

Whats next who has the best voice overs!

crazysammy2097d ago

Good god what a stupid article... "Up next, what game has better water effects, Minecraft? or Skyrimmmmmm (Said in a sleezy announcer guy type voice)

Wizziokid2097d ago

Slow news day or what? stupid comparison

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