Game Informer reviews No More Heroes 6/10

From Game Informer: "No More Heroes certainly gets a nod for being wildly different. It's a unique take on open world play, and its almost nihilistic fixation on violence for the sake of violence has a satirical and darkly comedic edge. Unfortunately, the repetition and lack of substance behind the flash left me cold."

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NinjaRyu3828d ago

Game informer gave this game a 6 out of 10? Yet X-play gave it a 5 out of 5! Who do i believe, X-play or Game Informer?

Marceles3828d ago

lol yeah i'm getting confused too...but i already ordered it friday since my Wii has been dormant since i beat Mario Galaxy, I'm sure it's a cool game that you either love or hate

Frances-the-Mute3828d ago

hey, EDGE gave it a 9, so i'll follow that review

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PS360WII3828d ago

This was a fun one for sure. If you only do the fighting to get money you'll get bored but there are 10 part-time jobs out there. Fun mix of everything from wiping away graffiti and clearing the beach from mines and mowing the law.

Boss fights are all their own characters and the story is pretty sweet with all twists and turns. Excellent purchase for Wii owners.

Ri0tSquad3828d ago

Not like it needs it or anything but it seems as if this game was suppose to be a game to drive people out to buy a Wii.

TruthbeTold3828d ago

With the way they express their opinion in that little 4 paragraph "review", it makes me doubt that they even played the game all the way through. It seems they judged it more from some sort of "Moral" standpoint than anything else. NMH is an awesome game imo. Much better than the grade they gave it.

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