Surfer Girl Rumors

1) Slalom is coming to Virtual Console in the next few months.
2) Is Microsoft working on their own version of Home?
They were...six years ago. Back in 2002, there was a small team inside Microsoft working on an "application" called LiveUniverse for the Xbox, which was more or less Home, it was slated for release around the launch of Xbox Live, but the project got canceled when work on Xbox Live fell behind.
3) Yes, Onimusha 5 is coming out next year for PS360. So are Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2.

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pwnsause3798d ago

i wanna hear the xbots now who stated that home is whack. one of their reactions is going to be "this is gonna be awesome" How much you wanna bet after they shi#ed on Home?

toughNAME3798d ago

Well I never said it was whack...but I did say Sony should be looking to catch up to LIVE, not leapfrog over them with one app.

And incase you missed it, she also said it was cancelled.

Should I go into a "Sony copying Microsoft..again" rant?

No...but I'm sure someone will

ben hates you3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

i hope they don't make a home service, thats besides the fact home isn't a reason i bought my ps3 it doesn't seem that exciting

LeonSKennedy4Life3798d ago did they copy Microsoft?

chanto233798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

about "catch up instead of leap frog Xbox Live"...Home sounds great but its risky. Home can be a huge success and dethrone Xbox Live or it can turn out to be a bunch of crap. One question i have is: When we get Home on the PS3, are we going to be able to use all the features without having to get inside the "virtual world"?? Cause sometimes it sounds too complicated to have an "apartment" and invite friends over to play a game etc etc...

PS. By the way, you cant copy something that never existed can you?

LeonSKennedy4Life3798d ago


Even in the BETA, it's extremely easy to access everything. You don't HAVE to walk everywhere either. You can transport with your virtual PSP. It's not as complicated as it sounds; trust me.

It's just a whole world to take you away from this crapfest we call earth.

wageslave3798d ago


how? If they were working on it 6 Years Ago, then it was MS who came up with the idea to put a Virtual world on a console.

Perhaps Sony got wind of it somehow and said "Oh, we gotta copy that" and then MS stopped working on it for a while...

Ergo, Sony is copying MS.

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InMyOpinion3798d ago

To me it doesn't matter if it's MS or Sony that does it. I still think it's a crappy idea.

CrazzyMan3798d ago

Sony had the ide about home before PS2 was even released. They froze that idea, because PS2 just wans`t able to handle Home, while PS3 is. =)

What a noob.

robbo9183798d ago

First off I would NEVER say the words "copy" and "Microsoft" in the same sentence in an attempt to slam another company. While all companies do it, M$ has made their entire company on it.

Second off as was said above Home was thought about long ago, when PS2 was out. I don't think either company copied each other on that topic though, virtual worlds have been thought about for a very long time. Heck Sony could have thought of it when they were building the MMORPG EQ1 . I am a Sony fan but I seriously would never accuse either M$ or Sony of copying each other on the idea of a virtual world for their players to interact in, the concept is too vague and has been around in Sci-fi forever.

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FF7numba13797d ago

wow wave you are a tool. How much does M$ pay, I need a job.

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Iron Man 23798d ago

Dead Rising 2 also on the PS3?w00t!

I will love Surfer Girl forever if that prediction does indeed come true,Deadrising is one of very Xbox 360 games I actually care about;)

zambrota3798d ago

Ofcourse they will bring Dead Rising 2 to ps3.

Capcom hates exclusivity. they brought out DR on x360 only because ps3 wasnt out then.

expect all Capcom games to be multi for sometime

LeonSKennedy4Life3798d ago

Microsoft will never allow it.

GOW, Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Halo, and countless others...will NEVER come to the PS3...because Microsoft pays to keep them.

ruibing3798d ago

Does Microsoft even own the rights to Dead Rising?

InMyOpinion3798d ago

Dead Rising 2 would be awesome =) I hope they add some kind of "free mode" cause the first one never really gave you an opportunity to explore the mall at your own pace.

Dark_Vendetta3798d ago

I don't care if Dead Rising 2 comes to the Ps3 as long as they really develope it!

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sak5003798d ago

ANy of this person's information ever come true?

bootsielon3798d ago

She has been right before, like with Resistance 2 for example, among other things. I don't know if she has been found to be blatantly wrong.

ry-guy3798d ago

In some cases she is so vague that she couldn't be blantly wrong.

In other cases, she has never been dead on with information that has not hit the tubes.

I know one prediction off the top of my head is that the Cloverfield movie was going to suck hardcore and you should stay away from it. Apparently, I haven't seen it yet, the opposite is true.

BloodySinner3798d ago

Because I heard about most of them last year.

PirateThom3798d ago

That's how Surfergirl works. There's hints and noise in the background about a variety of things, which then fade away, then the likely ones, he/she picks up again a few months later when most have forgotten the original rumour.

Charlie26883798d ago

But you weren't suppose to that BloodySinner! you are ONLY suppose to read her blog for rumors and for her full "I have Insider Info" effect to work and remember to ignore every one that tries to tell you that is old or incredibly obvious (that even your dog would know) and if they show you links to foreign or no popular site mentioning her info ages ago...cover you eyes!...pretend you didn't saw them so when she decided its time for some old or obvious things to be posted you can act surprised and really excited about it :D...(and hell you can even ask some ridiculos question that sound more like wishful thinking than realistic! I mean her blog is full of them)

...pretty much like the peoples reaction to her COD6 announcement...even if we here on N4G already knew about it almost 40 days before she posted

MikeGdaGod3798d ago

leaving a great game like that on the PSP forces people to buy one. PSP sales would SURGE

clevernickname3798d ago

I don't understand the decision to port GoW: COO to the PS2 either, other than increasing sales. I was considering buying a PSP just because of this game and Syphon Filter, but if both are landing on the PS2 then I don't see much of a point.