We've Come So Far...........

In the year 2007 over 300 games were released. Weather you were an Xbox 360 "Die-Hard", PS3 "fanboy" or Wii "lover" you still played them for countless hours you had fun. Besides having great graphics or being motion controlled the games were still fun and that is all video games are about, having fun. So with all that said, enjoy a wrap up video of 2007! Lets see what 2008 has in-store for gamers.

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Dr Pepper3829d ago

It truly was an awesome year for gaming. I know for a fact I will still be playing some of these fantastic games for many years to come.

Sayai jin3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Agreed! Bubbles for you. 2007 was an awesome year to be a gamer, probaly one of the best. All of this 360 this and PS3 that is tiresome. A clip like this should put som perspective on what all of this means. Great games on all 3 systems. They all 3 better have good games, since I own them all. :)

Edit: Uh oh I think we have a disagree gremlin in the midst.

Cwalat3829d ago

awesome 2007, and even better 2008 awaits... but im stil busy playing, warhawk, resistance, ut3, cod4, so :D im happy

cputeq3829d ago

They have Kane and Lynch in the video! Ewe.

I couldn't even bear to finish the demo, bleh.

shine13963829d ago

but I got to add that one of my friends loves the whole crazy plot stuff. so even though I bought it's permanently made its home at his.

Mr Playboy3829d ago

was Xbox360 Year without a doubt

I hope PS3 and X360 share AAA titles this time

shine13963829d ago

since the end of 2006 and all of 2007...Nintendomination has occured. Halo hasn't done anything to stop it, if anything Activision took them on, lets see if the Ps3 titles do something about it.
End of last year: DS>Wii>PSP>360>PS2 >PS3.
P.S I don't care who wins, and on topic Last year was a pretty good year. great vid.

Jandre023829d ago

Mass Effect, Bioshock, and Halo 3. Other than those what exclusives really mattered? Don,t wanna turn this into a fanboy war or whatever but the best games last year were COD4, Assassins Creed, and Rock Band.

They are all multiplatform.

Chuck Norris3829d ago

Xbox 360 "Die-Hard", PS3 "fanboy" or Wii "lover"

How come the PS3 owners alone are labeled as "fanboys"?

RecSpec3829d ago

You need to deliver a roundhouse to whoever wrote that. haha

darkshiz3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

More like 360 "Xbot" PS3 "fanboy" wii " Wiitard"

Man screw gametrailers hate that website more and more these days.
Biased bastards.

MostSpartan 143829d ago

There nothing bad with that. Is there......

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The story is too old to be commented.