5 Gaming Achievements To Be Embarrassed About

WC writes: You know what it is like… you spend hours playing your favourite game and up pops another achievement, reminding you of just what a master you have become at defending the planet, driving fast cars or just running around collecting things.

However, some achievements are nothing to brag about. Here are a some examples.

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SockeyBoy2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

"Adam Wake is a relatively hidden gem from 2011. I thought it was game of the year. As a fan of Twin Peaks, The Twilight Zone and Stephen King, it was for me like entering the genre of horror suspense itself"

Who the f*** is Adam Wake?

OT: And what about that achievement in Lollipop where you have to look up Juliets skirt. I still haven't done it, haha it just seems weird.

32froshes2127d ago

Oh, I got the Lollipop Chainsaw one! That should definitely have been on the list though.

FarCryLover1822127d ago

It was even 2010, not 2011. Heh.

ado9082127d ago

It's a typo calm down.

SockeyBoy2127d ago

Its alright man, I wasn't too serious.

JamieLeeC932127d ago Show
Irishguy952127d ago

How does one confuse L with D? Pretty far away on the keyboard to be a typo....

also/2010 =/= 2011

muhuhuhu/ Really though everyone is just joking, it's not like you simply lied about playing it...right?....RIGHT!?

ado9082127d ago

Are people really being serious right now? You people get serious for no damn reason. Really 11 dislikes? JamieLee umm it's a typo because he misclicked that's why it's a typo. How does he have "Alan Wake" as a title in one place and than Adam wake in the sentence? It's obviously a typo. I often don't look at the keyboard when Im typing so you would be surprised how many words I misclicked. Even if you people believe he purposely wrote "Adam" wake what is that suppose to mean necessarily? It's a typo and people stop getting your panties up in the bunch. You are grown *** men so if a little comment like it's a typo hurts you so much than I feel sorry for you and who ever gave birth to you.

BlackTar1872127d ago

seriously people need help when they get all bent out of shape over a typo. He spelt it wrong all creditability lost. Maybe someday the internet will grow up but its not today.

ado9082127d ago

Irishguy the 12 disagree's kinda disproves what you said. Apparently people take this to heart. Not referring to you tho.

ShinMaster2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

First of all, good sir, you're the one going crazy and to extreme lengths to defend this LIE . . . sorry I meant typo :P
So I suggest you calm down.

* Getting ALaN mixed with ADaM.
* Getting 2010 mixed with 2011.
* There was nothing "hidden" about it. It was popular on the interwebz (lol)

That's just too big of an error to be a simple typo.

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Braid2127d ago

Hmm... Adam Wake.

That must be what Mr. Scratch is calling himself.

xstreetsweeperx2127d ago

Adam wake....... is the writer that was unsuccessful and will always live in the shadow of alan, his brother.

stuntman_mike2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

I liked Abraham Wake.

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Killman2127d ago

Well.....this article was pointless.

And look, one example per page for a FIVE EXAMPLES LIST.

glennco2127d ago

saved me a click, thanks

Cerberus292127d ago

Yeah that's a few wasted minutes of my life I'll never get back...

Spydiggity2127d ago

yep, closed the page when i realized i'd have to click to another page just to see number 4.

Eyeco2127d ago

He says..

"I didn’t like Resident Evil 5 because I was rubbish at it. I just could not stay alive as I continuously ran out of ammo before being cornered and dispatched with by hordes of Majini."

Resident Evil 5 was the easiest RE game you can play the game by simply avoiding 60% of the enemies, as well as ammo and health lurking around every corner, seriously how do you "run out" of ammo in that game, try playing Code Veronica X for a challenging survival horror

PooEgg2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

I don't mind lists when they stay contained to 1 or 2 webpages, but 1 example per page is obvious click bait.

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Unztayble2127d ago

This article sucks. I thought it was going to be about achievements that you'd have to spend hours upon hours on end to earn. Instead it's just the ramblings of a whiny gamer.

strange19862127d ago

How is he whiny? The article seems pretty lighthearted to me.

2127d ago
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