How to Remake Final Fantasy VII

IGN - It started with the one of the greatest teases in gaming history. The "Technical Demo for PS3" that debuted during Sony's E3 press conference in 2005 instilled the RPG community with an insatiable yearning for a Final Fantasy VII remake. A remake that Square-Enix never prioritized, nor officially confirmed.

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Snookies122127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

What the hell...? That Mike Pereira guy wanted them to ditch Jenova to streamline the plot? That would be a travesty, Jenova was one of the most amazing things about the game to me when I was younger. Always thought it was creepy/epic in a way... With every boss fight being a different version as it progressed into its Absolute form.

versusALL2127d ago

Why don't we just focus on Versus XIII, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy XV.

Snookies122127d ago

Dang... I want to disagree with that, simply because I would die of happiness with the reveal of an FFVII remake. However, you're right... Versus XIII and KHIII at least need to be the main focus right now. They're both easily the most promising games Square has had in a long time. Not quite sure on XV just yet, but we'll see what they do with it.

TiberusX872127d ago

If the rumours about XV are true based on the source below, I am equally excited for it too. Ito's Team (VI, IX & XII) have had some great ideas and XII showed a lot of potential. I'm also excited to see where they can take their ideas this generation.

Patriots_Pride2127d ago

Give the development to Mistwalker...hell give the entire FF license to Msitwalker.

Dark-vash2127d ago

I would be happy with that :)

Summons752127d ago

how to remake don't because the remake will never live up to the original

Xperia_ion2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

I'm on this airship.

Treian2127d ago

leave it alone and focus on Versus 13

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The story is too old to be commented.