Two unannounced titles from Sony confirmed for gamescom

According to the private invitations for the gamescom, Sony will show two unannounced titles during the event this year.

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KingOptimusOrigin1111913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Killzone 4 & Sucker Punch New Ip

CGI-Quality1913d ago

Actually, a new IP (or Killzone title) from Guerrilla Games is possible (seeing that it's a European show and they are a European dev).

PoSTedUP1913d ago

please BOTH be vita games. : D

jimbobwahey1913d ago

I would love to see/hear about Killzone 4. Well kinda anyways, I loved Killzone 2 a lot but like many people, I thought Killzone 3 was a huge step back in many ways (I'm referring to the multiplayer here).

I have a feeling though that Sony has studios such as Guerilla Games, Sucker Punch and Media Molecule working on PS4 games at this point so that they can have a strong launch for the console.

Sony still has games such as PlayStation All-Stars, Little Big Planet Karting (the beta is amazing fun), God of War Ascension, The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls to see the PS3 through until next holiday season exclusives-wise. When you take that into account along with the huge wealth of rumours implying that we'll see PS4 and next Xbox announcements at next years E3, and I can't see Sony keeping other studios busy on the PS3 at this point.

NastyLeftHook01913d ago

i hope its a new ip from guirella

TekoIie1913d ago

I hope they show Killzone Vita. Been begging for them to reveal some solid footage on this game for ages!!!

I hope they shown their new IP (im sure i read that they're working on one). Love GG's games! A game with good graphics is beautiful to look at while playing and in some ways adds to the experience.

Outside_ofthe_Box1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


Agreed about Killzone. If KZ4 plays anything close to KZ3, I'm done with the series. KZ4 better go back to its roots.

DA_SHREDDER1913d ago

I'm a Killzone fan 100%, but I hope it's not a new Killzone. I would rather GG save all their eggs and let them hatch for a launch title next gen, unless, the game is already done of course. Honestly, all they need to do is add a few more maps to KZ3 and I would die a happy nerd.

Red_Orange_Juice1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Guerrilla Games should take a little break from their Killzone like Naughty Dog did, and make Killzone 4 on PS4

pixelsword1913d ago

More maps for Ops, please.

No Killzone 4 yet, please.

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WeskerChildReborned1913d ago

Hopefully, i wonder if it'll be a new IP or Infamous 3.

SoundGamer1913d ago

Well, both companies are working on new IPs, so we'll see!

moparful991913d ago

What about the unnanounced title from Insomniac? We know they are working on something new but nothing has been revealed yet...

Morrigan-Aensland1913d ago

Sony actually announces games and shows them but with nintendo, they show a few then the fanboys actually make up situation where Nintendo has more games but they won't show them for Wii u.

BitbyDeath1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

It takes a while to get games on any new system.

Look at Vita's current situation or even how PS3 or 360 started out.

Wii-U will get them intime as well.

Morrigan-Aensland1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Vita launched with more games than the 3ds garnered in a year. The vita had like over 30 games at launch. Stop making excuses for silly decisions. The Wii u should have more games announced for its launch and Nintendo should stop with the secrets. I know fanboys like to pretend and talk about how Nintendo is high and mighty but the system is coming out in a few months and people still don't know a lot about the Wii u.

Nintendo hasn't announced any release date, specs, pricing, exact game at launch and a few other things. Nintendo relies on gullible fanboys to trick and spread their garbage.

The Wii u is rubbish

Ps. I condition my hair with dove conditioner

oricon1913d ago

Good old N4G randomly bash anything thats not sony and get a tonne of agrees lol.

Morrigan-Aensland1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Sony actually announce and release quality games for their systems. With the Wii u being a new system they should have more games announced to launch with the system but fanboys would rather make up games that Nintendo will have at launch

phantomexe1912d ago

why do you keep bringing up nintendo..... we get it now stop posting about it.

hkgamer1912d ago

bloody fanboy.. what has nintendo got to do with this?
anyway nintendo likes to do things on their own show

NastyLeftHook01913d ago

i hope its infamous 3 i would be so freaking happy!

Genghis1913d ago

Probably a new Dora to go along with the PS2 re-release

Lovable1913d ago

You are a genius! no sarcasm

Oh_Yeah1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

all i really want to see is agent, the last guardian, heavenly sword 2 or a new syphon filter

gaden_malak1913d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2

(I can always hope)

showtimefolks1913d ago

i am not expecting a new game from GG or SP till ps4. I think son has shown enough for ps3 but most if not all of their owned developers are hard to work on ps4 games.

also i do believe most if not all of the games will also come out on ps3 because the graphics difference won't be as big as it was from last gen to this.

GG are working on 2 games one KZ4 which you can bet sony will show off with ps4 to show what the system is able to produce. And Uncharted 4 most likely is also in development

HarryMasonHerpderp1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Not too keen on a KZ4 for the PS3 I think they should leave it for PS4 and blow us away again.As for Sucker Punch I would be really happy with a new Infamous game but also with a new IP because I know it will be top class.

ame221913d ago

Push back KZ4 to PS4 please.

Them_Bones1913d ago

inFamous 3 ... WITH MULTIPLAYER!!!
Yeah I'm going to get disagreed to hell for saying that but I don't care, I want it!

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jc485731913d ago

When will they touch on The Last Guardian?

Skate-AK1913d ago

Maybe TGS. If not then we won't see it until next-gen. They did say they were having technicnal issues so maybe they increased the hardware to compensate

DarkTower8051913d ago

At this point, I'd rather TLG be a PS4 launch title. Make it 1080p and 60 fps and wow the world.

jukins1913d ago

who knows lets hope they've overcome the technical hurdles they having or they've decided to use it as a ps4 title

Blackpool1913d ago

i would like to see infamous 3 done on the PS4. I hope it's a new IP.

ame221913d ago

The Karma system being black and white is flawed.

OmniSlashPT1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I hope it's for the Vita...PS3 already has a superb 2013 and a pretty good 2012 fall, and Vita srls needs some quality games.

KingOptimusOrigin1111913d ago

Sony said there is PS Vita Heaven Event coming soon. Then we got Gamescom & TGS 2012.

BitbyDeath1913d ago

Evolution Studios have been quiet for a long time.

brew1913d ago

Not really. They just released a game for Vita/PSN earlier this year.

BitbyDeath1913d ago

That was a pretty small game though, i'd doubt much resources went into making it.

They could be working on the PS4 though so who knows...

_-EDMIX-_1913d ago

Evolution is not just one studio. I believe its 2 or 3 other studios. One of which being Big Big

MrBeatdown1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I would love another MotorStorm, especially if they went back to a Pacific Rift style without the explosions.

Part of me wants them to wait for next-gen though. It's so hard for an arcade racer outside of NFS to stand out nowadays. A new MotorStorm that matches that original pre-rendered trailer from years ago as a PS4 launch title would be amazing.

remanutd551913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

noooooo, i want Evo to release a new motorstorm game as part of the ps4 launch line up and i want the game to be the most brutal, hard to beat and best motorstorm game ever created, NEXT GEN LUNATICS UNITE!!!
BTW a Motorstorm as ps4 launch title pretty much guaranteed my ps4 investment on day 1

akaakaaka1913d ago

nojodas.. tu comprarias el ps4 aunque no tuviera juegos lol