Resistance: Retribution Is Now Available For The PlayStation Vita

Alongside the PlayStation Store Update today, the PSP game Resistance: Retribution is now downloadable for the PlayStation Vita.

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TrendyGamers2248d ago

Shame about the multiplayer.

cpayne932248d ago

They really should have it at a lower price if the mp isn't included.

Haha1232248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )


WeskerChildReborned2248d ago

Awesome! i'm gonna be buying this.

Chapulin2248d ago

Dual analog compatible right?

cpayne932248d ago

Shouldn't be too hard since you can play the psp version with a ds3.

darthv722248d ago

the tricky part was you had to link your psp to the ps3 and play through resistance 2 in order to get the controller to work.

jon12342248d ago

yes, just change the settings by tap and holding the screen whjile in the psp game

cpayne932248d ago

Can you aim in more than 8 directions?

CaptCalvin2248d ago

He means true analog support. So no you can't

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The story is too old to be commented.