Xbox Live’s Greatest Hits Revealed On The Dashboard

A new Xbox Live Greatest Hits promo has appeared on the Xbox Live Dashboard and it includes all of the chart-topping games and add-ons found on Xbox Live.

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Intentions1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


Where the f*** is Minecraft???

TrendyGamers1769d ago

I was wondering the same thing.

Siren301769d ago

Minecraft is not only the highest selling game on xbla, its also the second most played game on xbox live. It should be consider a greatest hit

ChunkyLover531769d ago

It just came out a few months ago, I think it takes a bit before it can be considered a greatest hit.

TrendyGamers1769d ago

Spelunky's on there though.

secretcode1769d ago

Spelunky also hasn't sold the insane amount that Minecraft has and would benefit from the extra push that this promotion could provide.

rolandfurious1769d ago

It'll be interesting to see if Microsoft reveals how the Greatest Hits are calculated.

SlapHappyJesus1769d ago

I don't even care if it's a cut-down version of the game.

For me, it doesn't really get old and is still a bunch of fun messing around with friends, even if I have put over one hundred hours into the game.

Was definitely worth the price of admission.

Donnyskillz1769d ago

maybe you need to check again before bashing ....minecraft is on there