Lost Planet - TGS 06 Trailer HD

Fight giant alien bugs, and men with ponytails.

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eques judicii4287d ago

Wow, This game is going to be yet another killer app from capcom!!

willud4skins4287d ago

does this game remind anyone of "the thing" that came out for xbox a few years back; pretty awesome game.

Donkey Slayer4287d ago

Capcom rocks.. Lost Planet, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil, etc etc.. Keep it up Capcom!!

PS360PCROCKS4287d ago

capcom is making some great games so far

PS3n3604287d ago

Cant wait for this game! Nice to have a game that isnt all in the dark. I like snow, being from Canada and all.

Scrooge4286d ago

I agree with you, even though Im a desert rat from Arizona