Project CARS - New gorgeous 'City Race' footage

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member ‘Oli Gill’ has captured some gorgeous new footage from the latest build version of Slightly Mad Studios’ racer, Project CARS. Contrary to other videos, this one is based on the City level that Slightly Mad Studios has included in the game. Needless to say that it looks amazingly great and according to Oli Gill, this is how Test Drive Unlimited 2 should be in the first place. Project CARS is currently planned for a March 2013 release. Enjoy!"

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Jadedz2132d ago

Everything clicks in this video.

Consider me a day 1 purchaser.

StraightPath2132d ago ShowReplies(2)
PoSTedUP2132d ago

except the perception of speed. the speedometer says 200+ mph but it looks and feels like you are going 55-70mph.

IKizzLE2132d ago

It's KM/H not MPH.
So that 200+ is actually about 125 mph.

donman12132d ago

Yep.... agree. Getting this for Wii U.

Timmer2132d ago

I'm not a big fan of realistic racing sims, but this looks pretty awesome.

Totally considering signing up as a Junior member on their site to get the monthly builds.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2132d ago

Probably won't play it but it looks great.

I hope it is the Realistic Racing-Sim that Nintendo's library has been missing.

lzim2132d ago

Off topic.. but will there ever be another proper racing game where cars aren't the entire focus? Where you have a character that can get up out of the car, admire it and the road/scenery..?

PiccoloGR2132d ago

F1 tried to do that with this whole F1 event and the problematic menus. And it didn't work well

chukamachine2132d ago

Looks very nice.

GT5 is more a sim then FORZA.

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