Study: 10 percent of mobile gamers play at church, while driving

Ten percent of mobile gamers have fired up a game while in a church or other place of worship, while driving a car, or during a movie, according to a new study released today by publisher PopCap Games.

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roblef2094d ago

I get the church thing, but driving? Wow. I thought texting was bad.

PoSTedUP2094d ago

i'm against texting and driving, and church.. but when i first got my vita i totally tried playing unchartedGA on the way home while driving, i was so excited.

WeskerChildReborned2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Ahaha when next gen systems roll out, i'm try playing them while driving home :D, i'll find a way how to do it..

PoSTedUP2094d ago

lmao. too bad they don't Lunch with a slim model, could go right in your car.

Tolkoto2094d ago

Sometimes I catch myself on my phone at church, then feel bad about it.

SybaRat2094d ago

Three Our-Fathers and a Hail Mario.

crazytown992094d ago

The people who play while going to church AND driving are the craziest mofos of them all.

roblef2094d ago

Playing games while driving to church. Now that's BAD.

h311rais3r2094d ago

Playing games while driving in church

WeskerChildReborned2094d ago

People who drive, txt, and play games WHILE on their way to church are just insane.

Sadie21002094d ago

If I had to go to church, it would be very hard for me to avoid playing games. It's like those cliched commercials where the guy is yelling "yes!" at inappropriate times because he's secretly listening to a football game.

jamezrp2094d ago

At church, I'd think it would be higher. But driving? What the hell can you play while driving that isn't a static card game? Sounds like plenty of idiots have a death wish to me...10%. Ha, we could lose that group, no?

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The story is too old to be commented.