Mass Effect movie to be based on first game, script finished

IncGamers: It seems that the script for the Mass Effect movie is finished. Mark Protosevich, writer of the I Am Legend and Thor movies, has penned the script.

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iamironman2158d ago

mmm... mass effect as a good movie? not sure. cool world and characters, but how do you fit all of that into the length of the movie?

will probably be fun but will feel a bit shallow

Vortex3D2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

The movie only has about 2 hours to tell the story. That means very tight plots or no story.

Even with the main crews. Half will be under used since Shepard has to take most of the time with a few crew mates. Everyone else just going for the ride. Between Ashley and Kaiden, it has to be Ashley because Shepard will probably be male.

But the movie version could be 100% different from the game with an idiot Shepard and who knows what equally dumb crews.

Ashunderfire862158d ago

"The movie only has about 2 hours to tell the story. That means very tight plots or no story."

Why does it have to be 2 hours when it could be 2 and a half or 3? Heck even if they follow the whole trilogy I would not be surprise of the disappointing ending, or they could go the dark energy storyline route(what was once suppose to be the real ending).

user54670072158d ago

All I want is for Matthew Fox to play Shepard


Fyzzu2158d ago

So now all we need to do is wait for it to be rewritten twice, and get a director attached who demands yet another rewrite... and then does nothing with it for a year or two before dropping the project.

After that it might be on track for 2020.

crxss2158d ago

at least the first 2 mass effect movies will be great

007Bond2158d ago

There is already too many alien/space movies out there. People will not be interested anymore unless they are the game fans maybe?

Godmars2902158d ago

It was made more as a movie, a Bay film, so why not.

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The story is too old to be commented.