PSU: Evolution of Resistance

PSU Writes:

"Developed by Insomniac Games, Resistance 2 is on its way to be one of the biggest exclusives released on the PlayStation 3. Being the third title to release from Insomniac, we'd like to take a look at the evolution of the game's graphics since its beginning. The first photos compare images from the first build of Resistance known as Project I-8, and lead up to the first new screenshots of Resistance 2."

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Relcom3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Insomniac kicks a$$. Their graphics engine has some serious beef to it. Everything is crisper, defined, full of color, and very well detailed. Its like the jump from SD to HD. AND its not even done yet. . .

zambrota3827d ago

lifelike graphics with 60 player multi and 8 player coop

hail the power of the CELL

T_O873827d ago

after a year resistance 1 still looks good , cant wait for R2 and see what happens next :)

Omegasyde3827d ago

Yea I agree, I think that alot of Halo Diehards might covert onto this game. I wonder if Sony will be smart about it and advertize the %@#%@ out of the game.

I hope the Co-op still kicks as much butt. RFOM and GeOW are my all time two favorite Co-op games.

gamesR4fun3827d ago

this game will set the bar again r/fom is a masterpiece and they've surpassed it in every way. Cant wait to buy the final product with a sept03 release date we can start counting the days...

Cwalat3827d ago

exactly its not even done yet... its still about 7 months left, with singleplayer practically done, now they can sit back and relax with just tuning it and polishing the multiplayer, making this one of the best games of 08...

sonarus3827d ago

this game honestly can't get here soon enough. Still keeping my fingers crossed for 60fps. Insomniac did say all their games after ratchet and clank would run at 60fps that would jst cement the ps3's power. I can't wait to see the improvements naughty dog and evolution studios have made to their engine. Hopefully motorstorm can have split screen this time expect to see motorstorm sequel this yr.
I still need to see resistance in motion though hopefully the animation has also improved i thought resistance 2 had pretty lame animation

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Salvadore3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

But what I am interested to see is the multiplayer and how their new engine will handle 60 players on screen with 60fps.

Edit: The game has fricking colours!!!

Omegasyde3827d ago

Don't forget there will be vehicles too! holy cow. I actually hope they scale down the players from 60 to 40 or something smaller. I remember when tribes 2 had 64 players in a match and how crazy that was. It was chaotic trying to get people to listen and assualt a base. However when you get a mass of people assaulting a stronghold in games like WoW, tribes, and battlefield nothing is more beautiful than sheer teamwork + Cohesion = ownage.

Doppy3827d ago

There's no denying the Resistance 2 is graphically superior to Resistance 1, but I kind of like the dusty look of the first one. It kind of help set the mood for the game (old war-torn battlefield). But in the end Resistance 2 is the better looking game already.

masterg3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Can anyone confirm that the Resistance 2 shots are ingame?

EDIT: Thanks for the replies guys. Damn I'm looking forward to this game.
Top 5 2008:
Resistance 2
Gears of War 2
KillZone 2.

OMG I didn't even have room for MSG4. What is the world coming to.

HarryEtTubMan3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Dude all Resistance is in game. The "cutscenes" are in game... there is no way they aren't. This is the PS3. They are in game. everyone knows it

We are gonna start to see the Cell now and this will run at 60 frames per second. I bet Resistance has an even more CGi look than Ratcher. Resistance 2 is gonna be BIG

CeruleanSky3827d ago

Insomniac doesn't do marketing bullshots like Epic and their Unreal Engine for games like Gears of War or Unreal Tournament.

Resistance and Ratchet and Clank both look exactly like the released screenshots. This game will be the same.

Relcom3827d ago

"The tech and gameplay teams have moved tons of things over to the SPUs that used to run on the PPU. Collision and physics are entirely running on SPUs now, which allows us to put much more on the screen at once than we were able to with Resistance. Moving more and more code to the SPUs is an ongoing process and I think we'll continue to see major benefits from this for several more years," said Hastings

Translation, they have figured it out. They should give tutorials to other Devs.

Sevir043827d ago

them and naughty dog should share their expertise with the other devs..

akaFullMetal3827d ago

well if you watch the credits on uncharted it says in the end thanking other companies for their help, insomniac is one of them.

jonboi243827d ago

seriously now insomniac and naughty dog should co-write a book called, "how to make a ps3 game.... the right way for dummies". this should school all those lazy developers how to make a ps3 game right. seriously those two will usher in the ps3 to the promise land.

Darkiewonder3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

to give a session and show off most likely R2. This should help out some :3

Hope someone get coverage at Insomniac's booth ;3

--- SPU Practicing

Speaker is Mike Action. This should clear up some things people have with using SPU and such!

resistance1003827d ago

well if you watch the credits on uncharted it says in the end thanking other companies for their help, insomniac is one of them.'

If you look it basically had every sony studio going on it, Gurrila, Sucker Punch, you name it helped on the project, i suspect this is the case will all 1st party games, they help each other, and explains why 1st party PS3 games are a cut above 3rd party games in terms of graphics and achievement (with a few exceptions)

Omegasyde3827d ago

Yea Sony first party studio's are great and what I believe really helped the PS2 last gen.

The only first party Dev i think was lacking was Zipper (Socom). I remember reading somewhere that they "Could of" made socom Confrontation better but didn't have budget too. (Line of BS)

0pt1cK1ll3r3827d ago

I thought I remember Insomniac developing helpful kits for other developers for working with the PS3 or something along those lines?

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Sevir043827d ago

it's a no brainer that Insomniac is showing in game, this is all PS3 all real time all in game, ^^ insomniac is just amazing they have an amazing engine that is soo much more efficient than 3rd party middle ware. and i think creating your own engine versus using middle ware like unreal and euphoria, and cryengine you'd be better off getting more because it would be general purpose and propperly optimized for the system. thats why COD4 and burnout look fantastic on the ps3 along with DMc4 and Ac...

man i cant wait for killzone 2 or R2 they will be completely amazing

Salvadore3827d ago

Most developers want to cut corners or don't really want to invest money on making inhouse engines, but developers who put more resources and etc into their games are the ones who start understanding the hardware better.
If you for example look a Epic and how they managed to pull off UT3 without any major difficulties and compare this to other 3rd party developers, you clearly see that Epic has a better understanding of their engine and the PS3 hadware.