Super Smash Bros Brawl unfit for Wii ?

VGM:JC Barnett, the pseudonym for a games developer working out of Japan, has a somewhat unexpected commentary on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl release in the Land of the Rising Sun on his Japanmanship blog. Essentially, Barnett believes the title will sell well enough, but ultimately underperform due to the Wii being a casual gamer's machine - similar to what happened recently to No More Heroes in Japan, just on a larger scale.

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cooke153799d ago

Is this some sort of joke article? Where else would this game sell? Its nintendo mascotts fighting.. Wii already has the entire Gamecube userbase that had melee sell so well. Brawl will sell even better on Wii because of its bigger userbase.

BloodySinner3799d ago

Super Mario Galaxy only sold slightly over 1M and when you consider the Wii's user base... That's pretty bad.

LanRanger3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Do you people just make numbers up? NPD data shows Super Mario Galaxy sold over 2.5 million copies in the US through December. It's sold over 5 million copies in less than three months worldwide. The only 360 game to sell more is Halo 3 (out two months longer) and nothing on the PS3 comes close.

NPD data:
VGChartz worldwide:

BloodySinner3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Will you stop crying?

I made that statement based on the the last time I saw the NPD data (November 07)

And speaking of modded up... Look at you bubble count. I'm pretty you sure you did not get them legitimately like most of the users on this site. =P

Either way, 2.5M is still bad when you look at the Wii's user base.

ChickeyCantor3798d ago

5 worldwide, how is this bad? not 2.5, 5!

LanRanger3798d ago

"I made that statement based on the the last time I saw the NPD data (November 07)"

Perhaps if the only information you have is US sales data that is months old, you shouldn't try and pass it off as current worldwide info? Take some pride in what you post.

"Either way, 2.5M is still bad when you look at the Wii's user base."

~3M (it's proably sold at least another half million in January) sales and rapidly increasing based on consoles sales of ~9M in the US doesn't seem bad to me at all.

The worst part is people are STILL agreeing with you despite having been proven to be off by over 4 million sales.

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batman2million3799d ago

doesn't this guy know that SSB Melee was the best selling on gamecube. and i think its still for 29 bucks.

I believe this will be the halo 3 of the wii, I know so many people that are getting a wii just for this game!!

LeonSKennedy4Life3799d ago

This is the only reason I'm keeping my Wii...

...which is lame...because I know I'll just sell it after I get disappointed in SSBB...

I think I'll wait for another Twisted Metal though. I'm getting Brawl, but will it even be that good? I'm doubting it.

Steelshaper3798d ago

if you played and enjoyed SSBM at all you will enjoy SSBB. Check the Smash Bros. Dojo for all the (official) news about Brawl. They've taken the amazing multiplayer that sold so well on Gamecube, added an expansive single-player, customization and online capability. Not to mention some of the coolest tactic-changing features I've ever seen in a fighting game (ex. Manaphy).

If you dont like the genre of video game, it wont be worth it. But if you like fighting games, there's already enough proof that Brawl will be amazing. And think about what they're keeping secret.

Tarmgar3799d ago

Super Smash Brothers is the only reason why I played the Gamecube and why I WOULD play on the Wii. SSB is a [email protected] game series.

INehalemEXI3799d ago

When I read it I thought the guy was crazy too.

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