PlayStation All-Stars Producer ‘Flattered’ By Smash Brothers Comparisons

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Producer Gavin Russell doesn’t seem to mind the Super Smash Brothers comparisons.

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PoSTedUP2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

of course not, it influenced 98.9% of his game. lol

Morrigan-Aensland2130d ago

I've never played PlayStation all star battle royal but I know ill like it better than smash brothers. Have anyone seen power stone on the dreamcast? The game may look similar to smash brothers but are we going to commpare every fighting game that zooms out a lot with platforms to smash brothers? We know don't doesn't make rubbish and when they make somet similar to others then theirs will be better.

Ps. When I need clean up any mess on my kitchen counter, I use bounty napkins

Irishguy952130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Previewers sorta confirm they are basically the same though, comparing Smash bros with all stars is like comparing two different gametypes in COD.

Not that I care, I always wanted alot more characters in SB so this is a must buy for me

PoSTedUP2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

yeah im not dissing the game. ssb is legendary, this will be a breath of fresh air in the genre. it's just the developer saying he's "flatterer" is arrogant and kinda rude imo (idk maybe i took it the wrong way) knowing he knows he pretty much replicated SSB just with different characters. like: when someone says they're flattered, it pretty much means "hehe oh stop, i wasen't trying to..." in this case.

Morrigan-Aensland2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Correction to last post. May I have all the same agrees but no disagrees please. I also prefer cats over dogs because cats don't eat sh*t

I've never played PlayStation all star battle royal but I know ill like it better than smash brothers. Have anyone seen power stone on the dreamcast? The game may look similar to smash brothers but are we going to commpare every fighting game where the camera zooms out a lot with platforms to smash others? We know Sony doesn't make rubbish and when they make something similar to others then theirs will be better.

@ guitarded
You think just because Sony devs had a Wii in there studio means that they copied everything from smash brothers. You are ... Do you tie your own shoes lace? A lot of devs for all companies often owns systems from other companies. It could mean that someone likes playing a game, get inspiration from certain games and other things. It could also mean that they use the Wii as a door stop, they got the Wii for free from e3 or whatever.

Miyamoto was playing with the PlayStation eye in 2003 at e3 for over 2hrs and there is a tape of it so that is where nintendo got the inspiration to make the Wii and now the Wii u. Could be true and it could not be

Ps. When I need clean up any mess on my kitchen counter, I use bounty napkins

guitarded772130d ago

Pre-All-Stars announcement pics showed devs with a Wii hooked up in their development space... so yeah, they were heavily influenced by SSB. It's perfectly okay to be influenced by a good game. Look at Mario Kart -> ModNation. MK has been the premier kart racer for several console generations, and ModNation has taken kart racing to a whole new level with its depth of customization.

I see All-Stars doing the same thing... adding to an already successful formula, and taking it to another level. This is not only good for PS users, but for Nintendo users too. It makes Nintendo raise their bar of quality and features. Competition breeds innovation and as a gamer this is good for all of us.

LiquifiedArt2130d ago

I hate to be the naysayer, but Allstars would be better if it was a direct SSB copy. Keeping the good and removing the bad of SSB is the way to go.


Allstars removed some of the GOOD from SSB for no reason, besides the fact that they can say, "We have our own death system, Combo system"

So basically, They removed the good from SSB for the sole purpose of saying "See it isn't an exact clone!" Which is what idiots do.


Keep the Good, Remove the Bad and Add something New!

Oh_Yeah2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

power stone YES, best fighter next to smash bros ive ever played..the reason i still have my dreamcast for the most part. capcom needs to make a powerstone 3

i dont really like 2d fighters other than smash bros and ill probably like this too,theres nothing to the regular 2d fighters like mvc and sf...feels like im playing with paper cut outs in a box...thats pretty much it, so im glad to see more of the smash bros formula.

where smash bros and this succeed is 4 players on screen, interactive levels/ objects, etc. theyre just a lot more fun

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user54670072130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

I think people forget that Super Smash Bros was inspired from The Outfoxies.

Seriously I hate how people think SSB was the start of this genre. Nintendo copied another games and made it better in their own way, just like what Sony are doing.

I mean fans have been asking for a SBB type game for years, Sony has listened and are basicaly giving us what we want. So I wouldn't really say they are copying on purpose, just giving people what they want like any good company would do.

Machioto2130d ago

Ssshhhhh,you're not suppose to show that because Nintendo invented everything relating to games/gaming./s In all seriousness,I hate how people try to discredit this game even though 80% of stuff that makes ssb stand out is in this game and it pre-dates ssb by 2 years or so.

from the beach2130d ago

Eh, really?

I've never played this (it looks awesome though) but it looks like a versus Rolling Thunder..

Has Nintendo actually cited it as an influence or are we just making stuff up here?

GribbleGrunger2130d ago


Just thought you might find this interesting. Do you have any knowledge of psychology? Well, when people compare things continuously, what it does is leech of the possible success of the product they compare it to.

This is how it will go:

scenario 1: BR is an absolute runaway success. The conclusion will be that it was bound to be a big success because it copied the 'thing' you compared it to. This will help you cope with the disappointment of it selling well.

scenario 2: BR is not a great success. The conclusion will be that it failed to emulate the greatness of the thing you compared it to. This will give you a reason for joy and a reason to reiterate why what you compared it to is better.

So you see, you can't lose... Well you can of course, if someone understands psychology

xursz2130d ago

Intelligent bubble for you.

GribbleGrunger2130d ago

lol. Give with one hand and take with the other

NastyLeftHook02130d ago

then doom influenced 98% of every shooter ever made.

Ck1x2130d ago

Which would be true! There are just other shooters much bigger than Doom in popularity. As long as it turns out to be a great game and its well received, then he should be flattered... If Sony could replicate a fraction of the success that SSB has, then they've created a great new franchise for the brand.

crxss2130d ago

being a smash bros pro and having played psalbr enough I can tell you that they are very very similar, the only difference being your wavebird/64 controller's joystick will never be in the same condition after playing smash bros. psalbr won't break a controller's analog stick

Nimblest-Assassin2130d ago

It might look the same, however they play very differently

look at a majority of fighters on the market... They all look the same. Someone may not be able to tell the difference between blazblue and king of fighters

however when you sit down and play them, they play very differently

that's why fighters are unique... They all play differently and require different strategies

Teaber2130d ago

Whether you sony fan boys like it or not, hes right about SSB influencing PS all stars. Didn't they have a wii in their office while working on this game? LOL

Biggest2130d ago

They also had a mini-fridge. Does that mean solo yogurt cup influenced this game?

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sonic9892130d ago

he is being humble there is many people here who cant understand what being a gentleman means
the fanboys keep asking him the same question to annoy him but he responded very well everytime
plus smash bros is a great series and an old one its great to be compared to it in just one installment btw i never played smash bros before

Ramon3MR2130d ago

Well at E3, Sony told us that it was "their stamp on Super Smash Bros."

So I dunno that I'd call it a "comparison".

The game was fun to play btw.

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